Southwest Hot Dog Recipes – The Sonoran Dog

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, National Hot Dog & Sausage Council President Janet Riley will cook and build for you the Sonoran Hot Dog.

    Janet Riley: Hi! I am Janet Riley with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, and today, I'm going to teach you how to make a Sonoran Dog, which is a specialty in Arizona.

    To make this, you're going to need a sturdy bun, because we got a lot of ingredients. It includes a bacon-wrapped hot dog, a special homemade tomatillo salsa, some pinto beans and cheese and a variety of other ingredients. It's a fantastic hot dog and might be one you've never tried before.

    To make the tomatillo salsa, you're going to need one-and-a-half pounds of tomatillos, one half cup chopped white onion, one half cup cilantro leaves, one tablespoon fresh lime juice, one quarter teaspoon sugar, two Jalapeo peppers, and salt to taste.

    To make the Sonoran Dog, you're going to need onions and green peppers grilled, all-beef hot dogs, bacon, large crispy buns, chopped tomatoes, pinto beans, Jalapeos, mustard, relish, shredded cheese, and mayonnaise.

    The first step is wrapping a hotdog in bacon, just like so. Once these are wrapped, we're going to put them on the grill and it's going to give the hotdog a great taste and a crunchy texture and while they are grilling, we're going to go ahead and take the green pepper and onions that we've already sliced, we're going to put them in a nice hot pan and get them cooking.

    We also need to start our tomatillo salsa. So we're going to go ahead and remove the remaining husk from these tomatillos. So we're going to go ahead and drop these tomatillos in our boiling water. We've already get two in there and we're going to let them cook in the water for about five minutes.

    Okay, so now my tomatillos have boiled for about five minutes, we can see that they are done, they are a little paler in color, and we're going to place these in our food processor to start preparing tomatillo salsa which is the main ingredient in our Sonoran Dog.

    To the tomatillos, we're going to add some cilantro, sugar, some chopped onions, two Jalapeos. It's going to be really spicy and then we're going to add about a tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Now once we got all of our ingredients in the food processor, we're going to start pulsing them. Okay, we are just going to give it another last pulse; it looks great. Now we're going to add just a little bit of fresh ground salt and then we'll transfer it to our serving bowl. These bacon-wrapped hotdogs have been sizzling on the grill; they are nice and crispy and I'm going to put one in this hardy roll and it takes a big roll to hold all the ingredients for the Sonoran Dogs.

    We've also got our peppers and onion which have been sizzling as well and they look great and then we're going to add some pinto beans. We'll add some relish, some nice chopped tomato, some of this homemade tomatillos salsa, our secret ingredients. A few Jalapeos, a squirt of mustard, a little bit of mayo on top, We'll finish it off with some nice cheddar cheese. You see why you needed that big bun? There you have a gorgeous Sonoran Dog.