Soy Spice Chai Latte

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This delicious, healthful drink is popular in North Africa and India. It’s a great alternative to coffee with slightly less caffeine.

    Amy Riolo: Hi, I am Chef Amy Riolo with Harris Teeter and today we are making Soy Spice Chai Lattes. We'll need ground cinnamon, ground ginger, soy milk, honey.

    So to begin, I've got 4 cups of soy milk here in my sauce pan and I am going to add a teaspoon of ground ginger and 4 teaspoons of this cinnamon. I am just whisking everything together, you could also stir it together to make sure that every all of the flavors really come together.

    Now that this is coming to a boil I am going to actually turn my heat off and let it steam for 5 minutes. And then it will be ready to serve. So now that our Soy Spice Chai Latte has finished steaming, we can go ahead and pour it into our mug and enjoy it.

    This is a family sized mug that I have but this is 4 cups here for 4 individual servings. So there you have a Soy Spice Chai Latte. Enjoy.