Spiders Be Twerkin’

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Simon Fraser University found that male black widow spiders shake their abdomen attract the female spiders.

    Biologist at Simon Fraser University say that the male black widow spiders “wiggle it” to attract females.  There’s a little role reversal for you.   They found that the male spiders shake they abdomen once arriving at a females web to produce carefully pitched vibrations to let her know they are there and ready to court.  And this is the funny part—to also let her know that they aren’t potential prey trapped in her web.  Well, that’s according to how you look at it anyway.  The female has a fine tuned sensory system to know the difference between a suitor and prey. Oh you poor male spiders, caught in the woman’s web. The males have to twerk so they don’t ignite the females predator response and get eaten.