Spot Cleaning Carpet – Food Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Textile car expert Christopher Myers demonstrates how to spot clean a carpet, including how to remove food stains, part 2.

    Christopher Myers

    Christopher Myers is the founder and Chairman of the textile care company Christopher’s, Inc. Christopher’s specialty is in the care of maintenance of high-end textiles. Christopher has studied the science and art behind fabric protection and effective cleaning and spot removal since 1992 when he conceived of the idea of a company that could offer true comprehensive long term care of carpets, upholstery and rugs used in or outside of the home. Today, his client list includes the Who’s Who of Washington’s political and business worlds. Christopher has been invited to give textile care presentations to the area’s top designers, whom he considers partners in creating and maintaining the aesthesis of client’s homes. He holds numerous certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC) and has become a recognized Senior Textile Inspector.

    Christopher Myers: This is Chris Myers with Christopher s Incorporated in Merrifield, Virginia and what we re talking about now is we had an oatmeal spot right here and we d remove the oatmeal, so now we are going to add a detergent to clean the area and then blot it dry. So, we ll take our detergent and we apply it directly to the area. You want to detergent that is, again, specifically made for your type of carpet or rug. You just want to dump a lot of liquid on here, you want to be liberal if anything and this is going to cover the area that was affected with it, and then we are going to take a white clean absorbing towel and we are just going to blot, applying downward pressure with both thumbs actually on to where we just applied that detergent. Now, very, very, very important, do not rub. It is almost like a knee jerk reaction that you feel like you should go like this. Do not do that, especially if you have wall carpeting because you will release the wall fibers from the loops and it will look terrible. So, again, just blot, blot, blot, and as I blot I am pulling the towel across after each time a little bit, just that way and that s just a habit so if this were, actually it has a little piece of oatmeal out over there. So, they are in this way because you want to see anything that may absorb into the towel. This is really important if you re talking about coffee or red wine or something of that nature. Again, we re going to continue to blot, continue to blot, again no rubbing, you can actually blot it a different way, but blotting is the same. And it is important to blot because if you don t blot, you have a danger of creating a ring where you put the detergent. So, this is pretty much it for blotting with your hands. Now, to continue drying this, we ll place another white tricot cloth towel directly on top of it and you can press down on it and you may want to put a book such as a heavy book, maybe several books to apply some weight on to this, just so that drying continues. Because when carpet fibers dry, they dry from the bottom up, actually the same principle was a wick inside of oil lamp, the oil actually wicks up into where it is wet. So, the carpet fibers dry from the bottom up and we want them to continue to dry through the top of fiber into this towel, so we want to remove it as much as we can and then we remove the towel and we see that our spot cleaning attempt was successful. But I don t know if this shows on the camera, the carpet loops are little bit depressed where we re blotting so much, so what I am going to do is again use the rounded edge of the spoon and we re just going to go in between the rows here, and just push them up a little bit. So, that they look just like the carpet surrounding the area where the spot was, looks good. Finally as a final note on this to just ensure that the spot or any residual detergent or foreign substances removed, we can place a towel on top of here and just you have to press down firmly. We can bear a heavy book on top of it so there is nice and uniform downward pressure and leave it there for, 24 hours is probably more than sufficient and assist again to wick the spotting substance and the detergent itself into the towel and there you have it. That was a successful spot cleaning procedure.