Spring Cleaning – Getting Organized

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christine Maroulis with Merry Maids shares some tips on getting organized.

    Christine: Hi! I am Christine with Merry Maids. And today I am talking about spring cleaning. In this segment we're going to talk about getting organized. Once you've had an opportunity to gather all of your product and equipment you want to stay organized. It will help you stay more efficient and save time as you'd start to begin to tackle your cleaning project. Depending on your floor surface you may need a broom to sweep up a hardwood floor, perhaps a vacuum for the carpets or a dust mop, perhaps again, hardwood or tiled flooring. You will also need a dust solution to spray on your cloth when dusting your hardwood surfaces. A multi purpose cleaner is great to wipe away smudges on furniture and a glass cleaner for mirrors, glass top tables and so forth.

    Floor solution is great to dilute in water in a bucket, it's wonderful to clean your tile, linoleum, hard wood. And then you'll also need an abrasive cleaner, something to use when you are inside the bathrooms cleaning your counter-tops, bathtubs, toilets and so forth. Some other tools you want to keep on hand are a nylon scrub sponge and a toothbrush. Now the sponge will be great when you need that little extra oomph when you are trying to scrub something down, the counter-tops, bathtubs, stove tops and so forth. Also a toothbrush is a great tool to use when cleaning around the fixtures on a sink, also things like grout, on any other hard to reach area. Micro-fiber cloths are also a wonderful tool. This cloth is statically charged which helps catch dirt and dust and hold it inside the fibers of the cloth. So really a dust solution isn't even necessary when cleaning with micro-fiber, another great tool.

    I recommend wearing cleaning apron. It's a great place to store cleaning cloths and other small tools. My last piece of advice to help with the clutter inside a room is to keep three baskets towards the entry of a room when cleaning, one labeled Charity, one for items that you plan to discard and one for items that don't belong in that room.

    So before you get started with your cleaning project, you want to do a quick sweep of the room to be sure that you've organized clutter before you get started. Once you have organized the clutter you have your tools in the right spot, you are organized and ready to go. It's important to remember to start from the top to the bottom, and work your way back around the room starting where you began. You'll also want to be sure that you've saved floor surfaces for last. You never want to vacuum before you finished dusting. Now that we're organized and understand how to clean a room, let's move into the kitchen and I will teach you how to make some green cleaning products.