Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui – Bathroom

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Feng Shui expert Carol Olmstead demonstrates how to clean the bathroom utilizing the principles of Feng Shui.

    Carol Olmstead: I am Carol Olmstead and my company is called Feng Shui For Real Life. Today I am showing you how to spring clear with Feng Shui. Now we are in your bathroom. First thing to do in your bathroom is, lets take a look at what prescriptions and what co-bottles you are holding on to. If its old, expired or empty, what are you saving it for? Time to clear them out. The next thing to take a look at is your toothbrush. Dentists recommend you change them often. This one is pretty scuzzy. Why dont you make it a habit to change them with every season? How about the tube of toothpaste? Much better to get a nice fresh toothbrush and a new tube of toothpaste. While you are at it, lets get yourself a new bar of soap.

    Before we move on to the next room, there is one more thing that classic Feng Shui suggest in to always keep the lid down in the toilet. In Feng Shui, we believe an open toilet and open lid believes that you are flushing your wealth down the drain and we certainly dont want to encourage that.

    Well, thats all we are going to do in the bathroom today. Now lets move on to your home office.