Standby Generator Maintenance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frank Assaro with Cummins Onan demonstrates how to maintain a standby generator.

    Frank Assaro: Hi! I am Frank Assaro with Cummins Onan. We will be discussing the basics of maintaining your back up power system, so you would become more familiar how to maintain your back up generator and the area around it. Just like a car you will have an owner's manual for your generator unit with very specific directions and maintenance intervals in grid form. It will tell you how to maintain your generator and allow you record things like running hours and maintenance performed.

    You will find that changing oil, checking the battery connections, changing an air or oil filter and visually inspecting your unit's components are typical maintenance requirements. These are all items you as home owner can perform. Warranty work however, must be perform by an authorized dealer or certified technician.

    The area around your generator should also be maintained. Air-cooled models need good ventilation in order to pull air into the enclosure to cool the engine and alternator.

    Since these systems do produce engine exhaust, it is imperative not to place flammable materials within the distance specified in the installation manual. You should not attempt to repair your generator or power system on your own. This should be completed by qualified and licensed personnel. These professionals have skills acquired with specialized training. Please contact the local authorized dealer for these services.

    So I hope this information helps you understand the basics of maintaining your back up power system.