Standing Rib Roast

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Executive Chef Phil Anderson of Harris Teeter teaches you how to make a standing rib roast.

    Philip Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Philip Anderson, from Harris Teeter's. Well, we are going to make a Standing Rib Roast. Now I have preheated my oven to 450 degrees as it's really important and I'll tell you why in a little bit. Standing rib roast, we have cut off most of the fat and we have left a little bit of the fat right here, so that it's going to -- while -- it's roasting all that flavor is going to go right into the meat. So what we are going to do is make a rub, and it will consist of 1 tablespoon of onion powder, 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of pepper. We are going to combine all of those in a bowl. We are going to mix all those up really nice. Now we have 2 tablespoons of butter. And we are going to use this butter on the sides of the roast because it doesn't have any fat. So what we are going to do is just rub that butter on the side of it, and then sprinkle this less, the seasonings. I want to get the sides too. We are going to make sure that we rub it in there really nice on the sides. Okay so we are just going to work in there, nice. Okay, we are going to put this roast in that 450 degrees oven for 20 minutes. What it's going to do is, it's going to have a nice crust around it and nice color. Then we are going to turn it down to 325 degrees and we are going to cook it till where we like it. I like it at about 120, that will be rare and then the carry over cooking because it's such a large piece of meat. The carry over cooking will bring it to may be 130 and it'll be at the medium rare.

    So we are going to put this in the oven. Okay, we have had our Standing rib roast in the first 20 minutes at 450 degrees, then we lowered the temperature down to 325 degrees. Now depending on how you want it cooked medium rare, rare would depend on the time. What your internal temperature needs to be is at 120 degrees for rare. Now there's going to be a carry over cooking, and it will get to may be 125-128 degrees. Now I'll take it close to the medium rare and that's where I like my meat. So we are going to take our rib roast out of the oven right now. It's been in for about 45 minutes. Oh! That smells great, and here you have your Standing rib roast. Enjoy.