Starting a Chain Saw

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Outdoor power equipment expert and ECHO Incorporated representative Dan Rosenberger shows you how to start a chain saw.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hi! I am Dan with Echo Incorporated and welcome to the video series on how to use and maintain your gas chainsaw. Today, we're going to talk about how to mix your two-stroke oil and how to add barn chain oil and fuel to your gas chainsaw. So, first let's mix our gas and oil mixture. This particular gas can is a 2 gallon gas can, we want to fill it halfway with fuel and then add two 2.

    6 two-stroke oil containers. So one 2.

    6 container we will mix 1 gallon of fuel so in this case we're going to need two of these. So let's add our two-stroke mixture. So by adding 2 bottles and 2 gallons of fuel we're going to make a 50:1 mix. Now this can is halfway full, we got 2 bottles of oil in it. Now we're going to fill the rest of the gas can up with 89 octane gas. Shake it up and we're ready to go. So now though we've added another gallon of fuel, shaken it up, ready to add the fuel in the barn chain oil. So in this particular model, the gas reservoir and the oil reservoir both are notated by and insignia is either on the cap or on the saw itself. This has the fuel tank, this has the oil on the chain. So, next let's fuel up our chainsaw. First, let's put the two-stroke gas mixture in. Always remember not to overfill your gas tank. You never want to have a spill. And tighten the cap, never over-tighten. Next, we're going to move on to our barn chain lube. So I'll put the cap back on. Remember not to over-tighten your cap. So now it's time to go outside where I'm going to properly show you how to do a cold start and a warm start. So now that we have our chainsaw filled up with fuel and full of barn chain oil. Let's talk about safe starting position. Many people are known to what we call drop starting a saw. It's when you use the weight of the saw; pull it away from you, which actually starts the saw. It's a very dangerous situation when the throttle maybe stuck wide open or depending where the piston is the saw could violently jerk downwards, so not the approved way to start a chainsaw. The approved way to start a chainsaw is on the ground, firmly with no obstructions around the chainsaw. You want to have the chain brake on and for a cold start you want to make sure that your toggle switch is in the on position. Your choke is pulled out and you have pressed the purge valve 4-5 times to prime the engine. So, I'm going to put my hearing protection on, my glasses on and now I'm ready to start the chainsaw. I'm going to push the choke back in. Now I'm ready to start. That was the cold starting procedure. Now let's talk about the warm starting procedure. If the chainsaw has been running all day there's no need to use the choke. So the same position still applies for your warm start. You always want to make sure that your chain brake is on. You're on the on switch, firmly on the ground with your foot in the rear handle and you're ready to start your chainsaw. So, next let's talk about correct operating procedures.