Starting a Gas Leaf Blower

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Outdoor power equipment expert and ECHO Incorporated representative Dan Rosenberger shows you how to start a gas leaf blower.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hi! I'm Dan with ECHO Incorporated and today our video is going to be part of using and maintaining a gas leaf blower. So before we get started we need to fill our gas blower. There are a couple of things we need before we get started, we need gloves to protect our hands from the fuel and we need eye protection in case we have any kind of spillage. So now we're ready to mix gas fuel mixture. You're going to need gas tank, fuel and two-stroke oil. In this case we have a 2 gallon gas can and 2.

    6 ounce bottles of two-stroke oil. So you want to fill your gas tank up half way, add your two-stroke oil, there is one bottle, we'll add one more. I'm going to put the cap on, shake it up so it mixes thoroughly. So now we've added enough fuel to make our two gallon 50 to 1 mix. Now, we're ready to fuel the machine. I take my gas cap off, insert my funnel and begin to fill the machine. In this particular model the gas tank is translucent, so you're able to tell how full the gas tank is. You never want to over fill the machine and have the possibility of a spill. So now I'm going to put my gas tank cap back on, making sure not to over tightening that. And now we're ready to go outside so I can show you the correct starting procedure for cold start and a warm start.

    Now, that we've got our gas and the oil mixed, we're outside and I'm going to explain to you the operating procedure for a cold start and a warm start. A cold start application will be used when you start it for the first time of each day or when you take it out of storage. A cold start is your on/off switch, it's in the on position, your chock is in the cold the start position and you push the purge valve five to six times. Now, you're ready to start in a cold running application. Pull the recoil twice and it would sound like it's going to fire. Now, we want to move the chock to the run position, place the blower on the ground again and it should start on a first or second pull. To turn off your blower, you simply move the On/Off switch to the stop position and the engine will quit running. In a warm starting procedure, you're going to want to put your switch to the run position, leave your chock on the run position, not on cold start and there will be no need to push the purge valve. Again you want to place the blower firmly on the ground and the blower should start on the first or second pull. Under warm running situation it would be when you put the blower down, you move some brush, you come back and you start it every few minutes. In this application it should start on the first or second pull. Again you use the On/Off switch to turn the machine off. So now that we've covered the starting procedures for both cold starting and warm starting for the handheld blower, let's move on to our backpack model. Well, starting procedures for your handheld blower and backpack blower are the same. The location of the throttle is different. On this particular backpack model, the throttle is located on the hip-mount, but the starting procedure is the same. For a cold start, you want to take it off of the start position into run mode. You want to move your chock to the cold start position and push your purge valve five to six times. Set the machine firmly on the ground, pull twice, and then move your chock position back into run and the machine should start in the first or second pull. Now, that we've went through the cold start wand warm start procedures , let's actually run the machine, see how it operates.