Starting the Beer Pong Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beer game expert Austin Lanham demonstrates how to start the beer pong game.

    Austin Lanham: My name is Austin Lanham I am teaching how to play beer pong. Now we are going to start the game.

    To start the beer pong game you are going to have ten cups, you are going to fill your ten cups with beer. You don't fill it up very high only about to the first line, you fill all then cups to the same level.

    So with your ten cups you are going to align them in a triangle formation, four cups go in the back row, three cups in the third row, two cups in the second row and the final cup in the front row. Now all the cups should be touching but not overlapping, forming a perfect triangle formation. Next thing you are going to need are water cups, each side needs a water cup to clean off their ball when it touches the ground.

    Alright now we are ready to start the game with the coin flip. I am going to flip the coin, my opponent is going to choose head or tails and that will decide the side of the table and also who gets the ball at the beginning of the game. We won the toss so we are going to elect to let them start with one ball, we will start with the next two.

    Speaker: We are going to choose this side; we are going to score first.

    Austin Lanham: So now Theo will take his shot with the first ball, and now we will have two balls to start our first turn.

    Now we are going to talk about normal game of beer pong.