Steps to the Chorus of the Song Desi Girl

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kajal Mehta, Managing Director of Dhoonya Dance, shows you the steps to the chorus of the song Desi Girl.

    Kajal Mehta: Hi! My name is Kajal Mehta, Managing Director of Dhoonya Dance. Through this series, Bollywood Dance basics, you are going to learn steps to the chorus of the song "Desi Girl".

    [Music Playing 00:00:18 - 00:00:33]In this part of the song, the guy is saying that he has seen millions of girls, all types, but there's nobody like a Desi girl, which basically means an Indian girl. So in this part, we are going to do a box step, stepping forward, forward, back, back. Now, to add a little bit of Bolly to it, I want to make sure that you are using those hips. I am sure those of you that have done Bollywood before are picking up on how important the hips are.

    So we'll take it, shift right, pushing with that hip, and out again with the hip, back pushing that hip and back. So front, front, back, back. If you want, let's try just doing it side-to-side right here before we move it front and back so that you really feel comfortable. Take it side-to-side, pick up your feet, push two, three. Now let's take it front and back, back, back.

    While we are doing this move, we are simply going to shake our finger. So you are taking it, one, two, three, four. The other hand is on your hip with the palm out, okay. Then we are going to pull up with this leg, tucking in at the stomach in, in. Then put the hands out and lift them and bring them in, one, two. So at the time that is one, two.

    You'll notice that my upper body is slightly leaning in the other direction. That's just to open this side up, so people can really tell what they need to focus on if you were to do this in front of an audience. So lifting up, up. Putting that together with the box step front, front, back, back. We have front, front, back, back and lift, lift. The next part, we are going to continue with the front, front, back, back; this time just changing our hands to this. So we have front, front, back, back.

    Now, if you are wearing a skirt, you would grab your skirt at this time. I am just going to use my pants. We are going to jump one side, those same jump touches. So jump touch, jump touch and then run in place on your toes and shaking that skirt. Okay. So we have jump touch, jump touch and run in place. One thing to notice is again, that hip is slightly pushing out. So as I jump, my body is leaning in the opposite direction with the hip in the direction that I jumped, and then the other direction same thing. Then we come straight bending forward.

    We are going to go back to our box step. So again, we have front and back and lift and lift. This time go to the other side lift and lift and then we are going to do what I call a twist tap. You are taking your foot in, tap. Then, turning it out, out tap. Again that's in tap so that your toe is facing in towards the body, and out tap facing away. While we do the twist tap, we are going back to the hands like this, one flat, elbow on your hand, and the other at your chin.

    Now, let's do this segment with the music.

    [Music Playing 00:04:20 - 00:04:39]With the next segment, we are going to finish the chorus to the song "Desi Girl".