Stop Sitting Your Life Away

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and shares tips to stay in shape.

    John Basedow: We all know a sedentary lifestyle wreaks havoc on your health. But, are you actually sitting yourself to death?

    See if you have a sitting problem and learn how to stop it. The human body is built to move, and if you sit during your commute, sit at work and even sit on the couch to watch TV, it means you are literally sitting yourself to death.

    According to The Mayo Clinic, people who sit most of the day have the same risk for a heart attack that a smoker does. And, you are more at risk for obesity, spine and back problems, and high blood pressure.

    If you're serious about your health, change your habits, and get moving in addition to your regular workouts. Actively engage your core by sitting up straight at your desk, or use an exercise ball at work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Pace while you're on the phone, and walk to your colleague's office instead of emailing them.

    Take regular breaks to stretch, twist, and bend and your body will thank you. You can be more active before and after work. Make the most of your commute and ride a bike to the office instead of driving.

    Do crunches on the train, or bus or park in the back of the lot and walk. You can even watch more television but only if you're active anytime the screen is on. As long as you are moving while you do it, your body will benefit. Don't sit your life away. Get up, and get moving and improve your chance for a healthier life.