Storing Out of Season Clothes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Design expert Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to save space by storing out of season clothing and shares her tips to keep items fresh and pest free.

    Sherry Tyra: Storing and packing away your off-season clothes is a great idea, because it not only affords you more room in your closets and drawers, but it helps to keep your clothes fresh and in great shape for the following year. Let me show you some easy ways to store your off season clothes.

    Clear plastic storage bins, keep garments clean, airtight and bug free. They are also easily stackable. Color coded labels on the front will identify the owner and you can easily see the contents through the clear plastic, keeping things simple and organized. Be sure the items you store are freshly laundered and completely dry.

    Throw in a dryer sheet to get them smelling great. If you have higher quality clothing that you want to store on hangers, garment bags will keep the dust off. If space is an issue, vacuum seal bags will allow you to store more. Preventing bugs is key. Cedar is a great way to keep clothes protected. It comes in various forms; chips, blocks and there are even cedar hangers that clip right to the garment hangers.

    There are herbal formulas too that protect and leave your cloth smelling like lavender and mint. This rolling wardrobe is easy to add a seasonal closet to your home; some even have built-in cedar protection.

    So take a few minutes and pack up your off season clothes. You'll not only keep your closets and drawers de-cluttered; you'll be able to keep your cloths clean, fresh and in great shape for the flowing year.