Strange Atlanta Laws Are Still On The Books

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Even the city’s weirdest rules find their roots in the past.

    Aeric Adams: Everyone knows not to speed your short lived, but Atlanta has some laws you may not be familiar with. Whether you are native or a newbie, want to have used to have trouble. What laws do you consider weird?

    Latonsha Holston: I think the weirdest law being in our Jordan state citizen city is I can't day walk supposedly but I have to wait 2 minutes to -- turning be late to class.

    Aeric Adams: Well some more weird than others.

    Kent Maxey: Weird and strange laws in Atlanta.

    Michelle Gilstrap: Oh, I don't know.

    John Evans: Well, can't handle it. You got to have a license verify that an odd law, because people are handling and they have no money that you have to pay they can't handle.

    Aeric Adams: Did you know in Marietta spitting is not allowed from cars or busses, trucks are okay. Atlanta, it is also illegal for a man to ride on another man's back. One of the most unusual laws is you can not tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.

    Kent Maxey: A giraffe?

    John Evans: Oh you can't?

    Unknown Speaker: No you can't.

    Diamond Jefferson: Who in this recession, who can afford a giraffe alone?

    Aeric Adams: This law came about when giraffes were used throughout the south as the guard animals that could look over the country patches. From time-to-time, farmers would drive their giraffes to Atlanta to watch Gone with the Wind or Ventura play. The hundreds of giraffes touched telephone poles, created huge traffic jams and vast piles of giraffe poop that the city was unable to dispose off properly.

    Next time you are in Atlanta, not be a good idea to leave your giraffes here.