Strength Training – Deep Squat Explosive Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Footballer Donna “The Animal” Wilkinson demonstrates deep squat explosive exercises.

    Donna Wilkinson

    Donna Wilkinson is a Professional Football Player, successful Entrepreneur and a Leading Edge Wellness Consultant. Known as “The Animal,” Donna has been a dominant force on the D.C. Divas Women’s Professional Football Team for the past seven years. Over these seven years Donna has played Defensive End, Fullback, Running Back, Linebacker, Tight End, and Punter. Donna is the 1st woman in league history to rush for over 1000 yards in a season, and led the NWFA in rushing in 2003 with 1,267 yards in 10 games and was the Divas offensive MVP. Donna has led the Divas to 5 straight Division Titles, 4 straight Undefeated Regular Seasons and 1 World Championship! She has been an NWFA All-Star and a Divas Team Captain. In 2003 Donna became the 1st Female in history to win the Washington Pig Skin Club “John W. Posey” Award - professional athlete of the year - also awarded to Jeremiah Trotter, Lavernues Coles, Todd Heap and Ed Reed. Donna engages in earning multiple streams of income. She works with people who are attracting greater prosperity into their lives, and those who want to achieve balance in the Five Pillars of Health (mind, body, family, society & finances). Donna has B.S. degrees in Business Administration and Health Fitness Management from Columbia Union College, and uses a variety of tools including the “Certified Wellness Home” program, the Nightingale/Conant “Lead the Field” program, Breakthrough Wellness Technologies, and her Personal Training background to help people achieve life success.

    Kenny Carrington: Hi! I am Kenny Carrington here at Velocity Sports Performance, Alexandria and we are doing our fourth segment on Training with a Pro.

    Next explosive exercise that we are going to do is, we are going to go from a deep squat exploding up working on our hips, knees, and ankle, triple extension.

    So, what Donna is going to do is she is going to squat underneath the bar, get her hands set first drop into a deep squat and kind of set herself underneath the bar. Set the bar on her shoulders, she will move her feet up, so her heels line up underneath the bar. She is going to explode straight up in the air up through the toes as if she is jumping up into the air.

    She is going to go four times and then sit straight back down, set the bar down and then explode up. So, we are looking for is we are looking for the hips to come underneath the bar, the shoulders to stay straight up and not drop it down to the ground, landing back into a good athletic position. So that was set number one.

    Sets and reps that usually you choose for this is about five sets, four to five reps because the weight on the shoulders causes a lot of strain on the spine a little bit to breakdown osteoporosis later on in life. Building up the bone stronger also change in the center of gravity, making center of gravity a little higher.

    Five times, exploding up, there you go, stretch your feet under a little bit more. Its good work.

    That concludes our last segment of explosiveness.