Strength Training – Lower Body Explosive Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Footballer Donna “The Animal” Wilkinson demonstrates lower body explosive exercises.

    Donna Wilkinson

    Donna Wilkinson is a Professional Football Player, successful Entrepreneur and a Leading Edge Wellness Consultant. Known as “The Animal,” Donna has been a dominant force on the D.C. Divas Women’s Professional Football Team for the past seven years. Over these seven years Donna has played Defensive End, Fullback, Running Back, Linebacker, Tight End, and Punter. Donna is the 1st woman in league history to rush for over 1000 yards in a season, and led the NWFA in rushing in 2003 with 1,267 yards in 10 games and was the Divas offensive MVP. Donna has led the Divas to 5 straight Division Titles, 4 straight Undefeated Regular Seasons and 1 World Championship! She has been an NWFA All-Star and a Divas Team Captain. In 2003 Donna became the 1st Female in history to win the Washington Pig Skin Club “John W. Posey” Award - professional athlete of the year - also awarded to Jeremiah Trotter, Lavernues Coles, Todd Heap and Ed Reed. Donna engages in earning multiple streams of income. She works with people who are attracting greater prosperity into their lives, and those who want to achieve balance in the Five Pillars of Health (mind, body, family, society & finances). Donna has B.S. degrees in Business Administration and Health Fitness Management from Columbia Union College, and uses a variety of tools including the “Certified Wellness Home” program, the Nightingale/Conant “Lead the Field” program, Breakthrough Wellness Technologies, and her Personal Training background to help people achieve life success.

    Kenny Carrington: I am Kenny Carrington the Director of Velocity Sports Performance. This is the workout with a pro D.

    C. Divas.

    What we are going to do is start off in the third segment of Explosive. We are on a Vertimax today and we are going to work on the lower body resistance of squat jumps.

    So, start it off, what we are going to do is no resistance. As you see Donna has a belt on right now ready for, when we do add resistance. So, you are going to have a feet and shoulder width position. She is going to do a nice little quarter squat jump, explode up as high as she can, landing back in that athletic position. So, we do five of those.

    So, with this next part we are going to add resistance, there are bands on to the side, there are two different colors. It is red and white, we are going to use the red today and just hook right on to the sides of the belt. So, this is moderate resistance right now, so the same thing, lets go continuously this time, as soon as you land, youre right back up in the air, five jumps as high as you can. Use your arms and be careful those knees coming up five times.

    With this, we have got repetition and we have got resistance pulling her down, so, we have got to explode up through the resistance. Now, to make it an intense resistance there are bands in the back that I would just pull out even further to add a resistance -- do you feel difference?

    Donna: YeahKenny Carrington: Okay, now still we are going to do five more times. Little wider, five times continuous two, three four, five, good job.

    Now, we will take the bands off and give her a little rest, quick rest. Now you are going to do ten jumps right afterwards. So, we jump with resistance and then we are going to take the resistance off so just a way the body can adapt to that explosiveness. Lets go ten times, as high as you can.

    there you go, exploding up, good and we give rest time and for sets or reps of these what we usually do is sometimes we will superset it with squats or superset it with the cleans that we just did earlier and then sets, we probably give about five sets, five to ten reps somewhere around that.

    That concludes our third segment of the Training with a Pro.