Strength Training – Pro Athlete Full RDLs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Footballer Donna “The Animal” Wilkinson demonstrates pro athlete full Romanian dead lifts.

    Donna Wilkinson

    Donna Wilkinson is a Professional Football Player, successful Entrepreneur and a Leading Edge Wellness Consultant. Known as “The Animal,” Donna has been a dominant force on the D.C. Divas Women’s Professional Football Team for the past seven years. Over these seven years Donna has played Defensive End, Fullback, Running Back, Linebacker, Tight End, and Punter. Donna is the 1st woman in league history to rush for over 1000 yards in a season, and led the NWFA in rushing in 2003 with 1,267 yards in 10 games and was the Divas offensive MVP. Donna has led the Divas to 5 straight Division Titles, 4 straight Undefeated Regular Seasons and 1 World Championship! She has been an NWFA All-Star and a Divas Team Captain. In 2003 Donna became the 1st Female in history to win the Washington Pig Skin Club “John W. Posey” Award - professional athlete of the year - also awarded to Jeremiah Trotter, Lavernues Coles, Todd Heap and Ed Reed. Donna engages in earning multiple streams of income. She works with people who are attracting greater prosperity into their lives, and those who want to achieve balance in the Five Pillars of Health (mind, body, family, society & finances). Donna has B.S. degrees in Business Administration and Health Fitness Management from Columbia Union College, and uses a variety of tools including the “Certified Wellness Home” program, the Nightingale/Conant “Lead the Field” program, Breakthrough Wellness Technologies, and her Personal Training background to help people achieve life success.

    Kenny Carrington: Hi! I am Kenny Carrington, the Director of Velocity Sports Performance in Alexandria. Here we are training with the Pro Donna The Animal Wilkinson with the D.

    C. Divas.

    Still we are in our segment of lower body strength. With this exercise we are going to work on is our posterior chain. Working the low back, the glutes, the hamstrings. So, if you remember from our explosive movement the very first exercise we did a half RDL. So, with this exercise, its just a regular RDL, just adding to what we have done already earlier today. So, she is going to have her feet, hip width apart. She is going to squat down grab her bar, keeping her back nice and flat as she picks the bar up, stands all the way up, bends her knees -- you can move your feet in just a little bit, good -- slight bending of knees, keeping the shoulder blades pinched together. She is going to push the hips back keeping the bars sliding down as close to the legs as possible. You should feel the stretch in the hamstrings as you go down. The other thing you are trying to have a slight arch in your back. As she goes down she is actually changing her weight from the balls of her feet back to her heels at the same time making the bar moving straight up and down path.

    For this we are just going to do eight reps today. Normally, we do about four sets of eight, four sets of six to build some strength in that posterior chain. Beginner level, three sets of ten, three sets of twelve, lighter weight though doing that.

    Give a little rest time; we are going to second set of eight.

    So, one thing that gets missed sometimes is the feet, make sure that the feet are even with each other. We are lucky we have lines on the platform to make sure that the toes are behind a certain line.

    Depending on your flexibility you want to try to bring the weight down to tap it to the floor. If your back rounds at all you have got to make sure that you come back up before your back rounds out. Good, so when you go down nice and slow, explode up bringing the hips underneath the rest of the body bringing the hips underneath the shoulders, good, keep that shoulder blade, there you go.

    That concludes our lower body strength.