Stress Free Homework Habits

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how to reduce homework stress by controlling procrastination, removing distractions and setting a easy to follow homework routine.

    Ann Dolin: Nightly, all across America, hundreds of thousands of parents ask their children the same question, is your homework done yet, and all too often parents find themselves cast in the role of the nightly homework police.

    The first step to reducing stress in your home is to establish a homework routine. There are basically four times to start homework; right after school, after a 30-minute break, before dinner, and after dinner.

    Younger children often do best after a short break of about 30 minutes, but the ideal time for older students is generally anytime before dinner. Although, each day might be different in your home, try to stick with the same schedule each day.

    Electronics such as video games and cell phones can be a major distraction when it comes to homework. Make the policy that these gadgets are only to be used once assignments are completed.

    By using electronics as a reward, parents can gain valuable leverage, and finally, together with your child, make a written list of homework policies. These might include a start time, use of electronics and the expectation that you'll check homework for completion each night.

    By establishing a clear set of expectations upfront, homework will be a lot less stressful this school year.