Stress Free Tailgating Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Get tips from the pros to ensure this season’s tailgating is stress-free!

    Allison Howard: If you're thinking of volunteering to organize the next Tailgate, you might realize it's more work than you thought. Follow these tips to help simplify your day, so you can relax, and get ready for the big game.

    If you're planning on grilling, the most important thing to remember is to pack your ingredients on ice. You need to make sure your food stays cool and safe. Instead of looking around icepacks, consider freezing water bottles ahead of time to line the bottom of your cooler. They will keep your meat chilled and be ready to drink by game time.

    There is nothing worse than getting ready to grill only to realize you left something important at home. While you're packing, remember the extras like plates, utensils, and napkins. And here is a tip, if you're packing a knife, put a paper towel tube around the blade, and secure with a rubber band. This way, you may prevent anyone from cutting themselves when reaching for a snack. But, always use caution when handling sharp objects.

    No one says you have to grill. To make your day even simpler, consider packing sandwiches or finger food. It's a good idea to leave behind anything that tends to spoil quickly like marinades and other dressings. But remember, you will still need to pack everything with ice for safety.

    Paper towels can be your best friend on a tailgate when the sink is hard to come by. Create homemade wet wipes ahead of time to have on hand. Simply damp in some sheets, and put in a sealable plastic bag.

    Going with a large group? Pack drinks in a separate cooler. You will probably open this first, so you won't need to dig through your food.

    So, pack up a grill and a couple of friends, find the perfect spot and get ready for victory!