Striped Bass – Finishing the Pine Nut Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cook striped bass and how to finish the pine nut sauce.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, I am Barton Seaver. Today we are cooking wild striped bass or Rockfish as it is known on the Atlanta East Coast over here and right now we are finishing off our pine nut sauce in this segment and then we have got our broccoli and onions sauting over here in a little bit of butter. So let me show you how to finish up the pine nut sauce. Now what we have done here is the pine nuts, onions and garlic have all simmered down together in about a cup of olive oil. Pine nuts are beginning to toast, the onion are sauted and soft. Now this smells fantastic. Now what we are going to do here is pretty dangerous, but it's really easy to keep it safe. So we have got a nice high speed blender here that's adjustable speed which is the best. So we are just going to take all of this, pour it right on into the blunder. Now I have got a little bit of cold water here. This is going to help to facilitate pureeing the sauce. Then I have also got juice of about half of a lemon. So throw that all in there and when you are pureeing something that's hot, the pressure is going to build up. So I like to start off on a very low speed or pulse it a couple of times until you get the puree rolling, until you get it turning round in there. Then it's safe to turn the speed up. So I am just using a towel to cover the top here, pulse it a couple of times on low speed and then gradually turn it up. Now that we are done pureeing it, we have this wonderful wonderful thick rich puree. So we are going to use a fine mesh strainer here and using the back of the spoon we are just going to pour this right in and then using the back of the spoon just gently push the rest of the puree through the strainer here and then you can see how that olive oil just emulsifies right into the sauce and becomes a thick, rich puree. It's just a wonderful sauce, very versatile. You can use this cold with chicken or any kind of fish and you see what we have removed here at the end are all those little bitter stem ends of the pine nut. So we have this very pure, rich white sauce here. So that's perfect. So we will start with this and in the next segment, what we are going to do is finish up our broccoli, that's slowly sauting over here while we begin to cook up our wild Atlantic Striped Bass.