Striped Bass – Pine Nut Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cook striped bass specifically how to create the pine nut sauce.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, I am Barton Seaver and today we are cooking wild striped bass also known as Rockfish here on the east coast and its going to served with a Catalan inspired dish from my time in Spain. We have got broccoli sauted with little bit of onion, currant and chili flake and then we are going to be making a pine nut sauce. And that's what we are going to start doing in this segment here. In a nice little one quart sauce pan I have got about a cup of olive oil, now dont be scared about using that much oil, its going to become the base of your sauce and olive oil is good for you, so dont worry about it too much. We can take a good amount of garlic as well, Spaniards use a ton of garlic. We are going to throw that in there as well as we have got about a half of a medium onion chopped up. Now it doesnt matter how this is chopped up, it can be rough chopped, just so long as the pieces are about the same size. You want them to cook evenly. So we are going to throw that in there and we are just going to let that saut for a few minutes until the onions and the garlic begins to soften. Now what we are going to do -- once that happens is add in the pine nuts as well, while those are softening. Now the pine nuts are going to toast in the olive oil as well and this whole thing is just going to be pureed into a sauce. Its going to be flavored with a little bit of lemon juice and salt, but that olive oil and the onions, now that really provide the base of the sauce. So again dont be scared of the amount of olive oil. You see its just about covering but as the oil heats up, it expands to cover as well as the onions and the garlic shrink it down a little bit, so that will be completely covered. We will use a little bit of water to finish the sauce and thats that. So in the next segment I will start working on the broccoli with you.