Study Abroad Programs – Student Support Services

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joseph Sevigny with IES abroad discusses getting the most out of student support services.

    Joseph Sevigny: Hi! I am Joseph Sevigny with IES abroad; today I'm talking to you about how to choose a study abroad program. I am now, going to discuss getting the most out of student support services.

    Students studying abroad have questions about, everything from; what do I do if I miss my flight to which class should I take for my History requirement. It's normal to have million questions before, during and after your study abroad program. When choosing a program you should find one that offers quality student support services every step of the way.

    Choose a program that provides academic advising to make sure, that your study abroad program choice will help you meet your academic needs. Academic advisers can help you do everything from finding a program that fulfills your degree requirements to helping you pick the right classes to make the most of your time in a specific location.

    In addition, to having academic support it can be helpful to talk to someone during the application process. Having someone you can call to help you through the application steps or to answer any questions you have a long the way can make the process that much easier and quicker. They can also help you with important steps like obtaining a passport or a student visa.

    Once you have departed and are at your study abroad destination you will have even more questions. If the program you choose has on-site staff to help answer your questions you will be more comfortable, more prepared, more knowledgeable and more able to thoroughly enjoy and emerge yourself in the country of you are choosing.

    After you return home your questions will be different. How do you get your grades? How can you keep in touch with your new friends from abroad? When choosing a study abroad provider, find one that also offers support after your program. It will make your transition from study abroad student and world traveler, back to college student that much easier.

    There are many questions to ask when you first choose your study abroad program provider. But I hope that I have offered you some good tips on choosing a provider who can offer you all the support you need to make the most of your experience abroad.