Stuffed Turkey Breast

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Harrington of Harris Teeter demonstrates how to make a stuffed turkey breast with pesto filling. Delicious all year round.

    Phillip Harrington: Hi! This is Chef Phillip Harrington with Harris Teeter. Today, we're going to make a wonderful quick, easy, and delicious stuff turkey breast. To get started, you're going to need the following ingredients. We're going to start with a half boneless skin-on turkey breast. To make the stuffing, you're going to need 1/3rd cup chopped onion, 1/3rd cup pitted dates, quarter cup dried apricots, 2 tablespoons of fresh parsley and you're going to need also 2 tablespoons of fresh sage, half stick of butter, salt and pepper and olive oil. You're going to need a good chef's knife, a cutting board, a food processor, a roasting pan, the pastry bag and a good saut pan.

    First and foremost, we got to prepare the stuffing, let's go over to the stove.

    We're going to melt our butter, you want it keep it on medium heat. Once it starts to melt, you're going to add your onions, you're going to kind of let them hangout on the stove until they are translucent in color. What we want to do is we want to bring out the natural sugars of the onion and to do that, we're going to caramelize them in the butter.

    You see our onions are little more translucent in color and they are starting to soften, the natural sugars are coming out and they're going to be less harsh. This looks about ready here. We're going to turn off our stove and we're going to take these over to the food processor and then we can finish our stuffing. Alright, to the food processor we're going to add our onions, add our dates, hazelnuts, apricots, our parsley, and our sage and a little bit of salt and pepper, we're going to put the top on and then we're going to process this, till it's nice and smooth. That's perfect and it's just how we want it. Now we're going to get ready to stuff our turkey breast. Now, to administer the stuffing, I like to use the pastry bag and a spatula. Alright, our stuffing is ready to go. Now, we have to make a pocket in our turkey to apply the stuffing. What we want to do is find a comfortable spot in the turkey, just large enough for the knife, you're going to start at the top and you're going to saw the knife inside and making a pocket, very careful with your hand and always be sure to use a sharp knife. You're slowly going in. Alright, we have our pocket. Now, we're going to put in our stuffing, big squeeze. I'm pushing my tip in as far as it will go. Alright, you can give the turkey a nice brush with olive oil and then a little salt and pepper. Now, we're ready to go to the stove. What we're going to do there is we're going to sear it, get a nice juicy color on the outside of the turkey and then we're going to finish it off in a 350degrees oven. So, it's very important to make sure, you pre-heat your oven to 350degrees. Let's get it ready to go. Let us saut this. First you need to make sure you're using very high heat that will ensure that we're trapping in all the juices and get coloring on the outside of the turkey breast. My pan started to smoke just a little bit, so I know we're right where we need to be. Remember skin side down, when you hear that sound, and you hear the crackle, you know that it's the right temperature and you're in the right area. We're going to let this hang out for another minute, 2 minutes then we're going to turn it, then we're ready to go.

    Alright, we get that nice golden brown on the skin. We're going to let it sit a minute or so on the bottom and then we'll place it in our roasting pan. Alright, let's shut our heat off and let's get ready to go in the oven. Remember, we've pre-heated our oven to 350 degrees. We got our turkey and we're all set. You can let that sit in there for about 30 minutes then we'll come back check on it and see how we're doing.

    Oh! That looks beautiful. Now the important thing with any poultry products whether turkey, chicken, or duck is to make sure its cooked to 165 degrees. Let's see what our thermometer says, we're going to insert this right into the middle to ensure the middle is cooked fully, beautiful167degrees. Now, if this wasn't at 165 degrees, you can put it in for another 10-15minutes, just to ensure it gets up the temp. It's a beautiful turkey breast. We're going to give it about 5-10 minutes before we slice it that way its going to retain all of its juices.

    We're going to make some mash potatoes and we make some vegetables and it's going to be perfect. So, here you are your stuffed turkey breast. Enjoy.