Styling and Finishing Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Anissa King demonstrates how to style and finish ethnic hair.

    Benisa King: Hi, I am Benisa king and we are back with the coloring, highlighting, and conditioning part of the video and we are now going to style. This is the final phase and we are using marcel curling irons. What we want to do is achieve just a bob like style with her and we are going to start with the very back going to towards front with a larger curl, just giving her enough to show off and flare her highlight and hopefully you can see the color that has been added to her hair. Add a little bit of dimension and shine also and with curling her, you want two section off, using your clips just in a choosing a curler iron and curler to the amount of hair that she has back here, we are going to do a smaller, tighter curl right along the back and then we are going to move up to up to a larger barrel curling iron and with the marcel curling iron you just want to make sure they are not overly hot, it could severely burn the hair and all that conditioning that we have done to keep the hair healthy, you would hate to burn it off. Because there is nothing you can do with burnt hair. Spraying in some sort of oil as you curl to help protect the hair from the heat; it is always recommended that you want to continue to curl in direction of the style that you are trying to achieve, always keep the hair shined and protected and we are finishing our curling part and she is almost styled. Her hair feels great and nicely conditioned. There is plenty of sheen to the hair and that is one of the key signs of healthiness. It is not a dry looking and the color feels good, big important part, final spray over sheen and style and that is the end of coloring, highlighting and conditioning of ethnic hair. Thank you.