Styling Curly Hair with Pins

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Annie Hathorn, hairstylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar demonstrates how to style curly hair including tips for styling a curly hairstyle with pins.

    Annie Hathorn: Hi! My name is Annie Hathorn, I am a hairstylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Our video today is How to Style Curly Hair. And this is our last segment. I'll show you how to very easy to pin curly hair up if you want to get it out of your face, or if the curling your crown area isn't a strong and you want to pin that out to really show up that nice curl that you have underneath. Very simple! I am not even going to use a brush or a comb. I am just going to use my fingers to pickup the hair as you can be messy with it and it looks good. Then I am going to take these section of hair, and open up my bobby pin, put it on the hair, I'll turn around so you can see. And I am just going to push it into the hair just to create a little bit of a foundation here. I am going to take another section and I am purposely keeping this loose, because I like this to be a loose, a more simple way of pinning up the hair. Again, I am going to push it in, right like that. And then I am going to go round to the other side and you round it, just grab a little bit of a random section.

    You don't want to make it so big that the bobby pin won't fit around it. Just feeling a little thick, I am going to drop some hair out, slide my bobby pin on, and slide again to the hair. Then I am going to take another section here. I am going to cross over that section to hide that bobby pin a little bit, and slide my bobby pin on. You want it a little waved down from the root so that it gives a nice loose, soft appearance. Then cross it over and pin it in. I am going to pulls under this hair up, because again we are going for a nice soft loose, messy work, but a controlled messy work. So that's how it looks from the back. And then the nice thing is that it gets the hair up out of her face. You can leave a little bit more down if you want it tendrils coming down. But sometime you just want that hair out of your face. And notice this third and final look of our video here. I hope you've learned a lot about how to style curly hair today. Just to give you an example, my own hair is actually quiet straight. But using the techniques that I've showed you today, especially using the appropriate product and the correct diffusing technique, I am able to get like a messy wave in to my hair. So it gives you a lot of options for styling your hair, whether you blow it up straight or diffused it to make it curly. Everyone can have options. Thank you for watching today, and I hope you've learned a lot.