Styling Wavy Hair – Prep

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Sara Robinson demonstrates how to style wavy hair including how to prep the hair before styling.

    Sara Robinson: Hi there, this is Sara Robinson. We are here at Easel Hair Studio in Georgetown, D.

    C. and we are learning how to style wavy hair today. In this clip, we are going to learn how to get the hair ready to defuse it with a blow dryer. So we are going to have the hair wet and we are going to create a part if desired and our model today one at the side part. So we are going to get that in the hair. Some of you may have hair that works well if you comb it out; others of you may need to just use the wave that you already have and put the product in this way. I am going to go ahead and comb her hair out and put the product in from there. We are going to use a Curl Enhancing Lotion, it is a really light-weight lotion and what this is going to do is give the hair some curl, but not that crunchy curl. So we have got the hair combed out. From here, we are going to use our product, probably about a nickel size is enough for this length of hair that we are working with today. So you are going to take it, rub it into your hands. Work at the ends, all over on the ends and then from there with what is left on your hand work up to the skull. Then you won't get too much product on the skull, so it won't get heavy or oily feeling on your skull.

    Rub it all in until it is off your hands. Get a little bit more if you feel like you need it but you should be fine. To make sure that you find the part, lay it right where you want to and now we have the hair prepped. In the next clip, we are going to actually defuse the hair with the blow dryer.