Styling Wavy Hair with a Curling Iron

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Sara Robinson demonstrates how to style wavy hair including how to finish the hairstyle with a curling iron.

    Sara Robinson: Hi! I am Sara Robinson, we are here at Easel Hair Studio in Georgetown, D.

    C. and today we are learning how to style curly hair. Now we have defused it and we have used product to finish it. Now we are going to use a one inch curling iron to finish it just a little bit more. So what we are going to do is just take a couple of pieces on the top. So, first lets start over here, we are just going to take it, let me turn her this way, you can see a little bit better. Just choose a few pieces on the top that are very big, okay, take your curling iron and just wrap it around to outside of the barrel, like that. And then it is just adds a little bit of curl and you can pull them, tug them down as much as you would like or leave them up as well. And depending on how much time you have you can do more or less of these pieces as well. Just go all the way around and whatever interval you choose, just continue at that interval all the way around the hair. Chose to do about every inch or so, we are adding some of these curls. Now you can go different direction and then they will interlock and do different things for you. And again the beauty of this is you can do few or more depending on your morning. Now with the curling iron make sure to hold it such that it's pointing down, then you can let the curl right back off where you put it. Some people like to put some right by their face, others don't. I am going to put one, not in the shortest pieces near her face but in one of the longer pieces. Hold for a moment, let it sit there. Then we are going to turn her so I can see her in the mirror and just finish out a piece or two here or there that I feel still needs just a little touch. That is our curling iron work, pretty straightforward. And in our next clip we are going to show you how to pin it back a little bit with some Barbie pins.