Styling Wavy Hair With Pins

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Sara Robinson demonstrates how to style wavy hair including how to finish the hairstyle with pins.

    Sara Robinson: Hi! I am Sara Robinson; we are here at Easel Hair Studio. We have finished styling wavy hair and now we are going to work with one finished style look, we have to add some Barbie pins to pull the hair off the face a little bit. So we are going to do that. Now, what you are working on is balanced on side-to-side and when you pull it back, one key is to pull it back really gently and not pull the curl out that you haven taken the time to put in with the blow dryer. So you can work with one side at a time, decide how much you want to pull back. This is probably about the amount that I will pull back on my model today. And then I will probably also pull the bangs, the fringe area, up and off her face as well. So we are going to start and you just piece the hair, you can use one Barbie pin at a time, get it open and then you can do a couple of different things with it. You can just set it right in there, a more advanced technique is to take it over pinched hair, push it back where it came from and it hides the Barbie pin quite a bit. And we need one more on that side to hold it there. Look at her again in the mirror, look what we are doing. Probably take this right here, you can take another piece, I am going to pin this piece right here. Just go right in there over the pinched hair, hold on to the hair and push it back against the scalp right where it came from. Okay, right there, and then the hair can go right over it right there and lay it right like that. When we have that side done, then you just work -- you can see here you just work with a little bit, we will work with it with some hair spray as well to give that to lay right where we want. Okay, let's work with the other side. So we are going to pull it back so that it is balanced, the pieces that we have pulled back. Alright, also we want the back of her hair to look balanced as well. So you can pull up in the middle here so that this all lays even, hold it where you want it, pick up another pin. Get your pin open, open it up, lay it right in there, push at the direction the hair came from, right against the scalp, right there, okay. Then I am going to take and check these pieces here, they are laying a little funny. So we want to pin that right like that real quick. Get another pin; this is a little tight down here too, so you can just adjust that a little bit by just pushing a little bit there. Take this piece here; make it so that it is balanced. It's a lot of -- it doesn't take very many pins, you can also actually pin it too much if you try and get too precise with it. It is all about just letting it really lay there and not worrying a lot about where it is going. Okay, right in there, pin that right there, push it back in there. You can see just pull a piece or two over that can lay there, okay. And now that is with the Barbie pins, okay. So from here we are going to take our hair spray and just finalize what we are doing. It is okay if there is a few pieces laying right by her ears. You can take it -- just spray her to; we will just hold this in place. We want that to lay smooth so it is not sticking out on those ends. Put a little bit down here and that will help it have the volume that you want down on the edges. Turn her; now make that volume that's here balance to the other side as well, okay. You can go out there, you can take this side then, do the same thing. Just hold it up while it is drying, same in the back. And it gives that really tousled look, it is touchable. But it will stay put to through your day. And there she is with some Barbie pins. Hope you learned a lot today. And all it takes from here to little practice on your own and you will be fit.