Styling Your Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mona Harb, owner of Lofty Salon, gives advice on how to style your blow-dried hair.

    Mona Harb

    Owner Mona Harb has partnered with the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute, to create a medi-spa/salon that provides everything from hair styling to massage therapy to surgical consultations. But beauty is more than skin deep at Lofty. This warm-hearted spa has a whole host of wellness services designed to help clients feel happy and healthy, including personal trainers, yoga classes, belly dancing, and life-coach consultations. The hand-holding is free.



    Mona Harb: Hi, My name is Mona, I am with Lofty Salon and I am showing you how to blow-dry your hair to achieve volume and fullness. Now, I am going to take the rollers out, without disturbing, what they look like. Take them out, and you just let them sit like that and remember, the less you touch the hair, the more volume you are going to have.

    So, after we've taken them all down, what you need to do is have your favorite working spray. Not final net spray and the reason why is because, if there's anything you need to adjust, if you use a final spray, then you can't touch it again. So, I like to use working spray all the time. So, we put the head down and you fluff it gently with your fingers, you apply a little bit of the working spray and have you noticed that I've not used the brush and I will not use the brush and then you tilt your head back and then you place it where you want it.

    You use your fingers to place the hair. Wow! That looks great. It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but we've achieved the volume that we want and then slowly, slowly wherever you see a piece that needs to be put in place, you put it, and you spray it and you use working spray always until you are sure, that this is the look that you want, then you use the final spray at the end. And this is how you achieve blow-drying your hair like a professional with volume and movement.