Suction-side Automatic Pool Cleaner Care and Maintenance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Braidic, Product Manager with Zodiac Pool Systems, talks about care and maintenance for suction-side automatic pool cleaners.

    Kevin Braidic: Hi! My name is Kevin Braidic, Product Manager with Zodiac Pool Systems. Today, we are talking about care and maintenance of your automatic pool cleaner.

    We are going to start specifically with suction pool cleaners. It's critically important to always start with a clean filter prior to installing a suction cleaner. If you are reinstalling your pool cleaner after winterization, your plumbing line should always be flushed out prior to reinstalling a pool cleaner. Always disconnect your automatic pool cleaner before handling it.

    Another tip is to always remove the pool cleaner from the pool before swimmers are in the pool. Disconnect the cleaner from the pool wall when cleaning or backwashing a pool filter. And remember always to remove the cleaner from the pool before chemical shocking.

    After cleaning or backwashing the pool filter, let the filtration run for at least five minutes to fully flush the lines out. To prevent suction entrapment accidents, it's always recommended that you use an approved Vac Lock fitting for all suction cleaner installations through the pool wall.

    For optimum operation of your automatic pool cleaner, always keep skimmer baskets, pump baskets and pool filters clean.

    For storage and winterization, be sure to start by turning the pool pump off, and removing the cleaner from the pool. Once the pool cleaner has been removed from the pool, be sure to drain all the water out to prevent any freeze damage. Be sure to disassemble the hoses or lay them straight. Never coil your hoses. Never store the cleaner in direct sunlight, find a sheltered, dry, safe area for your cleaner to reside for the winter.

    Those are some tips for suction cleaners. Next, we will talk about pressure cleaners.