Summer Beauty Tips – Color Trends

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Makeup Artist Amanda Bell for Pixi talks about top summer makeup tips. This video will focus on color trends.

    Amanda Bell: Hi! My name is Amanda Bell, and I am the International Make-Up Artist for Pixi, and this my model Megan.

    One of the really tricky colors which is very, very big this summer is blue. When you are very fair like Megan, the best thing to do is to choose almost an accent blue. So I have chosen a color which is teal. So you start off by taking your skin tone, so it's almost like you are creating a really fresh skin tone on the eye.

    So just very, very gentle, I am using a little bit of a nude color all over the lid, and then to really kind of bring this look together, I am using a slightly more metallic shade just to reflect the light, just on the lid. So there we go. We have prepared the area. I am going to go for the teal.

    So you just very, very gently start on the end of corner and then work very, very close to the waterline, so you are literally just putting the color along the whole of the lower lid.

    One of the colors which work really beautifully with blue, especially on fair skins and blonde hair is actually using a bronze antique gold. Just working from the center of the eye, I am just popping a little bit on. What that actually does is it just creates this fantastic contrast between the intensity of the electric blue with just this paired down sheik look and then just to create a real kind of catwalk element to this look, like in a color clash and what that means is that you can use one shade of blue underneath and then on the upper lashes, I am actually going to use the slightly different shade of blue. It's going to be a darker blue, but the contrast between both has going to be really stunning.

    So on the darker shade of blue, I am just keeping very, very close to the upper lash line and just gently taking it all the way across the lid. So to just finish this gorgeous eye makeup, I am just going to use a very light application of mascara.

    One of the things which you will find when you have a fair hair is that a lot of people have long but very fine lashes. So the minute you put the darker color at the root, it just serves to add that extra intensity. So that's a really fantastic summer blue look for very, very fair hair and fair skin. So the next thing we are actually going to talk about is how you can do blue on darker skin and darker eyes.

    So now we have got Diana here who is the model to show us how to work blue perfectly on darker skin and darker eye colors. So what we are doing is we are using this fantastic palette of eight different blue shades, but we can really make work for darker skin and darker eyes.

    So taking an all together more vibrant color like the intense peacock blue and then just using it like a color wash across the lid. So I am taking this slightly stronger peacock blue we are creating a V. So you run it very, very close to the lash line, to send to the very, very outer corner of the eye, and then the up into the crease. I am then using brush just to blend that down, instead of a polishing movement which would really blend the color down, I am just kind of moving the brush from side-to-side, so that way keeping the shape and the definition on the eye, but it's just that little bit softer.

    We are going to really play with the different shades of blue. So I am going to take one of the soft kind of the duck egg blues and use it on the very end of corner. Then I am going to take a little bit of that color again and just gently run it underneath the eyebrow. Then the very final touch is to just take some of the really, really strong electric blue, using what's known as a push liner or a flat liner. It has got a great, very fine tip, and we'll actually just push it, very, very close to the lashes, all the way along the lid, and then just take it about a third into the lower line of the lashes.

    One way to just take it into a really gorgeous smoky, sexy look is to just take a little bit of black and to smoke up the very outer corner and just to balance it out. You just put a little bit on the lower lash line as well. Now we have the perfect sultry blue eye for darker eyes and darker skin tone.