Summer Beauty Tips – Coverage Best for Different Skin Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Makeup Artist Amanda Bell for Pixi talks about top summer makeup tips. This video will focus on the best coverage for different skin types.

    Amanda Bell: Hi! My name is Amanda Bell and I am the International Makeup Artist for Pixi and this is my model Megan. So what we have been talking about today is essential summer beauty tips. So, one of the really important things is to get your base right for summer time. So you end up with flawless looking skin but without having too heavy a base. So on Megan's skin, we have already done the tinted moisturizer, which is the right formulation for her. So with the tinted moisturizers, one of the benefits of using tinted moisturizer is the fact that it is very, very sheer. But for example, if you feel that you have little specific areas on the skin that you would like to cover more, the way to actually get a perfect looking skin, but without covering the whole skin in too heavy a base is using concealer.

    So what you need to do is to use concealer correctly, you use your base first and then you will see how much your base actually covers and then you use concealer on top. So what I am going to do is use a plant-based concealer, is plant wax.

    So it's very, very soothing and very, very easy to blend in and the really unusual thing about this is the fact that it actually comes with a tinted moisturizer that I use. So that means it blends perfectly with the tinted moisturizer, and because we have color matched, it's exactly the right shade for Megan's skin tone. So as you can see just with plain finger tips, I am just taking the base off the concealer across the cheeks where Megan needs that little bit more coverage, a little bit around the side of the nose. This is an area where most of us need a little bit of extra help, little bit just on the chin, and then just on the other cheek. And what that's doing is it's just evening Megan's skin tone out that little bit. This is a really, really good way to actually work concealer on to your skin, especially if you have rosiness on the cheeks or something like rosacia which can occur predominantly across the cheeks, because it just very, very softly evens the skin tone out. But then the rest of your skin which doesn't need the coverage looks very, very fresh. I am actually going to use a slightly different type of concealer for around the eyes. This is a concentrated concealer with a slightly peachy tone, and the reason why this has been developed with the peachy tone is that it neutralizes dark circles and blue tones underneath the eyes. So it literally just erases dark circles. So you can see the difference between this eye and this eye. And just with plain fingers again, just dot it underneath, all the way up to the under rim of the eyes. Then on the other side as well. You will find if you use concealers with a plant wax base, the heat from the finger tips actually kind of melts the concealer in to the skin so you end up with this really natural look. There we go, a very, very fresh looking Megan. So that's how we achieve really flawless looking base using the right type of the concealer for the skin tone and also the perfect concealer to take away dark circles. So what we are actually going to do next is talk about trends in summer colors and how to wear some of those tricky summer colors like blue.