Summer Beauty Tips – Multi-Functional Products for Eyes, Cheeks, & Lips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Makeup Artist Amanda Bell for Pixi talks about top summer makeup tips. This video will focus on multi-funtional products for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

    Amanda Bell: Hi! My name is Amanda Bell and I'm the International Make-Up Artist with Pixi and this is my model Megan.

    So, what we've done is a very much a summer essential look, where there's been some really great top tips for all year around as well, but one of the things which is really, really important is that summer smoky eye.

    So, it's the eye that will take you from day to play.

    So, the first product I'm going to use is actually, it kind of does the work for you; it's a smoky eye primer. It's a slightly tinted primer which you use on your eyes, and this is really gorgeous, universally flattering gray with a tiny touch of lilac.

    So, it just blends very easily across the whole of the eyelid and it gives you your first step to smoking it up, just an equal application on each eye.

    So, one of the things that's really important for the summer smoky eye is the fact that it doesn't necessarily have to be a very intense black smoke. In fact, because I've already marked out the area that I'm going to smoke it up with the smoke eye primer, I'm actually going to put an Anthracite Gray on top, which is a really very accessible way for trying something a little bit more smoky, but still very flattering.

    So, this is a wand where you have exactly the right amount of color every time that you open it up.

    So, you can apply it directly to the eye and then blend it down, but because Megan is very fair and I don't want to over smoke, I'm just going to use a brush. This is a slightly chiseled brush, so that I can get a great line in the contour as well, so you get the balance of color actually on the lid and then into the contour, so just a fine application across the whole of the lid.

    It can be a little bit messy, because we will blend that down. So, you're going back to the Color Wash. So basically you're taking the color all the way across the lid and up into the contour of the eye.

    So, by the contour of the eye what we are actually here talking about is the crease. So you don't take it farther than the crease for this really simple look, you just take it into the crease and not to where this chisel brush really comes into it, so.

    So, using the blending brush, we're just blurring out those slightly sharp edges just from the edge, so that you actually get this graduation of smoke. With the smoky eye you can be a little bit more dramatic with your liner as well.

    So, I'm using a gel liner in a fantastic Sapphire blue shade, which tones very well with the Anthracite Gray.

    So, what I've done ism I've just taken the line very close to the lash line on the upper lid and then just flicked it out very softly just to give a slightly vector look, and then I'm just going to use a Q tip along the lash line and just blur and blend the gel liner down. You might find that you need to cleanup a little bit underneath the eye, but that's fine because it lets you just take two seconds and you can just whisk away any access product that's just dropped. And then it's at this point where you can just add a little more in the way of concealer and just blend it in.

    So, there we have a really sexy sultry smoky summer eye. As you can see it just defines the eyes a little bit more than the daytime look, but it's also a look that especially on fair hair and fair skin that you can carry through all the year around, but it's perfect for that summer party, barbeque, anywhere, where you want to be a little bit glamorous.

    And my final tip would be, take this Champaign color, and just intensify the highlight underneath the highest arc underneath the eyebrow, and then a little bit, just on the very inner corner of the eye. And what that does is it kind of pops the eye and makes the eye look really wide open, big, but it also balances out the smokiness.

    There we go, and there we have the perfect smoky summer look. I hope you've enjoyed watching and that you've learned some tips.

    So, I'd like to thank Megan for being an amazing model, and thank you for watching.