Summer Beauty Tips – Priming Solutions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Makeup Artist Amanda Bell for Pixi talks about top summer makeup tips. This video will focus on priming solutions

    Amanda Bell: Hi! My name is Amanda Bell, and I'm the International Makeup Artist for Pixi, and this is my model Megan. So talking about summer beauty tips, one of the things that's absolutely essential in summer time is protecting your skin. So Megan's skin is very fair and sensitive, so how on the earth would she keep her skin protected everyday in the sun? So I'm using a tinted moisturizer with a very high sunscreen. It also has got a broad sunscreen, which means it's an UVA and UVB filtered. Which means that even on a very fair sensitive skin it will help to protect your skin 20 times more than its natural resistance to the sun. This is a tinted moisturizer which is oil free with a titanium-dioxide which is a physical sunscreen, and also a little bit of chemical sunscreen. And when you have a very fair skin, it's actually best to use a combination of both. The problem is that if you use just a physical sunscreen like titanium dioxide, just so that it can look quite ghostly on the skin. So what you have to do is go for micronized titanium dioxide, which means it's a very, very small particle, which blend down into the skin. So this a tinted moisturizer which has both sunscreens in there. And as we have color matched, we know it's exactly the right shade for Megan. So starting from the center of the skin and then working out. One of the things if you like Megan and you're not really kind of using many beauty products, it's good to have things which are multipurpose, so they serve more than one purpose at one time. So this a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. So you've got with the best of both worlds. You've got all of the hydration that Megan's skin is lacking, and you also get all of the protection and all of the sunscreen that her skin would need on a summer day. Another thing that you need to be mindful of when you're choosing the right base for summer time is that you choose a base which is either water resistant or water proof. So that even if you get very hot or it's humid, it's going to last, rather than just slide off the face. And that's another reason for using a primer is to keep the base exactly where it needs to be, eventually the whole daylong. So with tinted moisturizer, it's a very, very light formulation that doesn't feel like too much product on the skin, which is ideal for summer. So you can just blend it out with the sponge and then use your fingertips just to go over, over the last little bits. And it's very important with the base, especially if you don't normally wear makeup that it feels comfortable, so does that feel Megan?

    Megan: Yes, really good, light.

    Samantha Allen: That's exactly what we want. So there we go. So that's how you find a right base to actually protect your skin. Looking at the ingredients, making sure that you've a combination of a physical and a chemical sunscreen, which gives you broad spectrum protection. And next, we're going to talk about the right type of concealer for Megan to use with this base.