Summer Beauty Tips – Protecting the Skin from the Summer Elements

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Makeup Artist Amanda Bell for Pixi talks about top summer makeup tips. This video will focus on protecting the skin from the summer elements.

    Amanda Bell: Hi! My name is Amanda Bell and I am the international make-up artist for Pixi and this is my model, Megan. So, today we are talking about summer beauty tips. But this isn't just a tip that's for summer, it's actually kind of an all round tip, which is how do you choose the right foundation shade for your skin tone. This is something which a lot of women have problems with and I have seen people actually try foundations on there hands; which always mystifies me because we don't wear the foundation on our hands. It's fine to try texture so you can see how it feels but the best way to actually try foundation is actually on the face. So Megan has very, very sensitive skin. It's also a little bit dehydrated. So the formulation of base over, she chosen for her, is a tinted moisturizer. So that's going to put a lot of moisture back into the skin even the skin tone now, might skin look more perfect. And protect the skin which is very important with sensitive skins. But the whole essence of what we are doing is how to choose the right shade. So best thing to do is color match. So you take along the jaw line, a little stripe of color and then you compare it with the one that -- nice, the most similar after that. So you can see that one shade will be blending in perfectly to Megan's skin which, in this case, is shade one and then the other shade its just lying on the surface and its taking a lot more effort to a actually blend that in. So what that is actually telling you is that the second shade, which is shade 2 is too dark and it's just not blending down. Whereas on the hand, because the hand has a different shade to the skin on the face, it may blend down, so there we go. So that's how you color match. You can see on Megan's face that shade 1 which is this stripe here is imperceptible. It's naturally blended down to nothing in the skin tone. And then shade 2, which is just here is more obvious and taking a lot more effort to blend down. So what we are going to do is go with shade 1. So that's how you do color matching and that's how you always make sure that you have the right color for your skin tone. So, what we are actually going to next is talk about how you can protect your skin in summer time.