Summer Beauty Tips – Summer Smoky Eye

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Makeup Artist Amanda Bell for Pixi talks about top summer makeup tips. This video will focus on summer smoky eyes.

    Amanda Bell: Hi! I am Amanda Bell and I am the International Make-Up Artist for Pixi and this is my model Megan. So, what we've been talking about is essential summer beauty. So, one of the things which is fantastic for summer and just a really quick easy application of color is multi-purpose products. So, one of the things that I am going to use today is actually, it's a Bronzo which is a little bit moisturizing, so you can use it on eyes, cheeks and lips. So, because this has got four different shades, you take a brush, whisk gently the brush along and then just along the cheek bones. You start from the apples of the cheeks so the apples of the cheeks so the little round highest parts of the face and then just work out. What that does is it gives you a very soft and natural flush of color. The reason why it works specifically on this part of the face is because this way you would naturally blush.

    Then, just using a delicate little application, just take it from the center work it out, and just pop it into the skin. So, it just gives you this very, very soft warm finish. If you are in the mindset where you want to add a little bit of warmth to your skin, but obviously you should match the color of the foundation to your skin tone, what a great way of adding warmth is through a bronza and warmth on the cheeks. It's a very, very clever way of getting that slightly more bronze sun kiss look, but without going for a darker tone actually on your skin. The beauty of this particular product is that you can just take it a little bit down the neck and on the dcolletage which is just here. Then, as I said, because this is multi-purpose a great way of pulling the whole lip together is to take just a little swash of color and just put it on the very, very center of the eyelid. It just pulls the whole lip together and it just brings all of the tones working together. Then, sometimes if you take a step back and if you feel like you still need to add a little bit more, you can some of the champagne color just underneath the eyebrow. What that does is it just highlights, reflects the light and makes the eyes look that little bit bigger. Then, you can take a little bit of the champagne color and just gently brush it at the highest point of your cheek bones.

    Then, the very last thing I am going to do is take a little bit of this highlighting champagne color and just pop it above the cupids bow on the lips. What that does is it reflects the light on this point and makes lips look really full. So, the next thing we are actually going to talk about is how to bring some multi-purpose product on darker skin and darker eyes. This is a fantastic color it's called Sun Kissed. It's an oil free gel which you can use for just to really soft bronzy bust of color on the cheeks, but I also love to use that on the lips as well. It's water based, oil free, with a little bit of aloe vera, so it just blend seamlessly into the skin. So, you're kind of concentrating on that upper area of the cheeks which is the highest area of the cheeks, and then just blending it outwards.

    Then, it's fantastic to just balance that out with just a little bit of stain, which is using the cheek gel again just on the lips. This actually gives you great long lasting color, because what actually happens is, because it's water based, the water disappears and it leaves you with this stain of color which has got great staying power. Then, just to finish, I am actually going to use a little touch of gloss. Now, this gloss is actually is almost like a lip balm with colors, so it has great nourishing properties. But, on Diana I just want to give that gorgeous juicy looking shine. There we go, some of really fantastic multi-purpose color for cheeks and lips.

    If you want to, you can even take a little bit and just pop a little bit of the gel just on the lid, again, just to pull the whole look together. Less you move when you do this, so you just need the tiniest little spot, and there we go, it's the perfect way to end a very, very sleek sexy summer look.