Summer Beauty Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to look your best all summer long.

    Amanda Bell: Hi! My name is Amanda Bell and I'm international makeup artist for Pixi. So what I want to show you today is my essential summer looks and share with you some of my top tips to create and achieve perfects in the beauty, broad spectrum of coloring from very fair to darker skin tones. So what we'll be covering today is how to achieve the perfect base.

    So we'll be color testing, so I can show you exactly how to choose the right foundation for you and which formulation of conditioner should work for you as well. Also, how to wear something like an intense blue which is a big strike out color and very much in trend for summer.

    One of the other things which I would like to show you is how to take a really gorgeous day time look and just mark it up and show you how to achieve the perfect summer smoky eye.

    One of the other things is which is very, very important in summer is longevity. We want our base to last, so how can we make it last, how do we choose the right primer and also lip color. Gloss is gorgeous but doesn't tend to last as long as lipstick, so how come we make gloss last longer and what's the top tips to do with lips.

    The tools and supplies that we're going to use today are full set of brushes which are for eyes, cheeks and lips, some sponge wedges, some mascara wands, some Q-tips, brush cleaner of course and then going into the make up, we have tinted moisturizer, some under eye concealer, some foundations, a fantastic universal bronzer, some finers. And then moving on to cheek colors, some eye shadow pallets, mascaras, some capes, eye pencils and then moving onto glosses, lip stains and some fantastic lipsticks.

    So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a makeup artist and make up is my absolute passion. I've been a makeup artist for 17 years and one of the things which I really love to do is to enhance beauty and to make people look by themselves but just a more fabulous version of themselves. This ethos which I have coincides perfectly with Pixi. Pixi is all about makeup to wake up. It's about the fresh face, it's about textures that make your skin not perfect but a little bit cheerer, so when you bump in to someone that you haven't seen for a while, and they say, my God you look wow, not what makeup are you wearing. We can show you how to look like you have had a good night's sleep with a fresh face and mix-in some fantastic on trend summer key looks.

    So let's get started with some top summer beauty tips.