Summer Camp Overview

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Camp Expert Nancy Diamond provides a summer camp overview.

    Nancy diamond: I'm Nancy Diamond with kidscamps.

    com, and we're going to be speaking about selecting a summer-camp. Right now, we're going to discuss the general overview of the summer-camp industry.

    According to the American Camp Association, approximately 12 million children attend camp each summer. The camp experience really spans the entire childhood teenage years. There are camps that start for children as young as 3, and can go up to age 18.

    There is a camp out there for every child with every need, and every interest. Everything from your traditional day camp, traditional overnight camp, choose sports camps, specialty camps such as academic or travel whatever your child's interest, skills or development, there is a summer-camp out there for them.

    Well, traditional day camps and traditional overnight camps are still very popular. The trend towards a shorter session length and specialty camps has increased over the past few years. Another trend we've noticed is the growth in family camps where the entire family can have a vacation and summer experience at a traditional summer-camp.

    Camps can run anywhere from just a few days to 9-10 weeks. The benefits of camp are immeasurable. They provide experiences everything to develop a child self-esteem, confidence, develop new social skills, meeting friends, the list goes on and on. I always say that everything I learned, I learned at summer-camp. Next, we're going to speak about the camp experience.