Summer Job Searching Tips for College Students

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    CEO of Brian Alden discusses summer job searching tips for college students.

    Brian Alden: My name is Brian Alden, I am CEO of Job.

    com and today we've been talking about great ways to find a summer job. Now, we are going to talk about great ways for college students to find summer jobs and the different types of jobs that they should be looking for. As a college student, you should begin your summer job search by up setting to assess what you want do for this summer, are you going to go home and work at home, are you going to stay at school and work at school.

    Also, what you need to decide is, what type of job that you are going to be looking for. Are you going to be looking for something that's in your major? So you beginning some real world, markable experience, for when you get out of school, or are you just looking for something a little bit more laid back, a little bit more leisurely, a lifeguarding, working outside in the landscaping company, something just to earn some extra cash.

    The best way to get some real world experience that you can apply to a job after college, is to get an internship. Get an internship with a company that is going to be in the industry of your major or somehow in your field. During the summer, companies are always hiring interns because not only do they get a good employee who work really hard for them on special projects and so forth during the summer, but they also get a chance to expose their company to you, and hopes that you like working for them and want to be a full-time employee and join their company after college.

    So internships are a great way to not only try out different companies and show your skills to these different companies, so it's like a preinterview if you will, but it's also a great way for you to gain some extra cash and some experience in your field of choice. So while you're not going to make a ton of money working as an intern, you need to make sure that you look at that experience that you gain, that you would be able to use after college and use it building your resume, so it's much, much more important than the compensation that you're getting.

    Now, if you can't find an internship in your field during the summer, what you can do is get a part-time job or even a full-time job, at a place in your industry or in a related industry. For example, if you want to get into a hospitality down the road, and work in one of fine hotels in the world, start somewhere locally getting a job in a hotel locally. It maybe something as simple as, you know, working in the kitchen or working behind the front desk, get in there and get your feet wet, get your foot in the door and gain some of that experience that's going to help you down the line after college. There are lots of great jobs for college students who are not looking for internships but would just like to have something, whether having some fun during the summer, making some extra cash in a pretty stress-free environment. Look at retail locations and stores around you. Look at the restaurants around you, maybe that's a country club or a local park and rec program .

    These types of jobs are typically stress free or low stress, gives you a great chance to enjoy some of your summer and still make some extra cash. When you decide whether you are going to go home for the summer or whether you are going to stay at school, then you can focus on the types of the companies that are available in your area and focus your search on those companies.

    Also don't forget to look online, a lot of the companies will advertise their summer jobs online as well. If you can't find anybody out there who's hiring, what you may want to consider, using some your entrepreneurial skills and finding out if you have the taste, you can start you own business, whether it be babysitting, whether it be dog walking, whether you'd be starting your own landscape company, even starting your own ecofriendly green cleaning service.

    There is a lot of different opportunities for you to start your own business. A lot of times, people who start businesses during the summer, those businesses spur all ideas and become the start-ups of tomorrow. So don't discount the fact that you may have a great idea down the road and kind of tap into your little entrepreneurial spirit and turning that summer time, that summer break into maybe starting the next big start-up company. Another thing that you can do to help build your resume is to do voluntary activities, as we can't find a job during summer, whether it's habitat for humanity, the local animal shelter, the zoo, a local museum perhaps. Special Olympics is a great place for you to want you to volunteer during summer and to work with people with special needs and work with these athletes on a go for a basis.

    You've just gave you some great tips on if you're a college student, then how to get job during the summer. Now we're going to talk about, if you are already employed, how you can pick up that summer job to pick up some extra cash.