Summer Job Searching Tips for Teens

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    CEO of Brian Alden discusses summer job searching tips for teens.

    Brian Alden: My name is Brian Alden and I am CEO of Job.

    com and today we're talking about getting summer jobs and right now we're going to talk specifically about how a teenager or a high school student can get a great summer job.

    There is a whole variety of jobs that are available for teenagers, whether it's of course baby sitting, working in a retail establishment or in a restaurant, both retail and restaurant establishments tend to hire a lots of teenagers from the ages about 16 on.

    These also - they like to hire them for the summer too because lot of times these teenagers will stay and work through the fall. So these are both retail establishments and restaurants are great places.

    Other additional places for teenagers are looking at life guards, working at country clubs, working for landscaping companies, counselors, local parks and recreation tend to hire a lot of high school students during the summer and many of these can lead to jobs in the fall as well.

    A lot of times in restaurants, they ask for experienced only if they are, being a server waiting on tables. However, some restaurants in more of the casual dining establishments are those that have buffets are great place for somebody to get their first experience on waiting on tables. Because they hire a lot of workers, they are up in late hours.

    So those are usually a good place to get your foot in the door and start training to, then we go up to the nicer restaurants, if that's the area that you want to go in. You should start looking for a summer job towards the end of spring, a great time is that time in between final exams and in the end of the school year.

    Companies will be hiring during that late spring time frame to start training people and planning for those that they're going to put into their summer positions while the full timers and other part-timers who work on regular basis go on vacations. So, end of that spring time is a great time to start working on looking for that new summer job.

    Additionally make sure that when you are there filling up your application that you write your application out clearly and legibly. Well it doesn't sound important, employers will look at something as simple as how you fill in the application to decide whether you are detail oriented. Whether you really are interested in getting a job and do you really care about what you're doing.

    Make sure too when you start to fill out that application that you are dressed nicely and not like you are wearing your cut offs and your torn t-shirt because you'll be wasting your time filling out that application because that employer is not going to hire you.

    Before you begin your summer job, you want to make sure that you treat this job like it was a full-time job or like it was a career for you. One of the things that you use a summer job for, is to build references and to build your resume. The experiences that you have will be added to your resume for future full-time employment and the references that you make will give you a chance that people who tell other future employers great things about your work ethic, whether you showed up on time, what type of job that you did.

    Also, something that's a very common in summer jobs is that they will rehire you again in the following summer. So, whether you are a teenager or a college student coming back for the summer or working only during the summers, doing a great job and treating it like it's real full-time job can help you get hired again in the future.

    So we have just gave you some great tips on how to get a summer job if you are a teenager or if you are in high school. Now we're going to go into what happens if you're college student, the different types of jobs that you can look at as a college student for the summer employment.