Summer Job Searching Tips for the Currently Employed

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    CEO of Brian Alden discusses summer job searching tips for individuals who are currently employed.

    Brian Alden: Hi! My name is Brian Alden, CEO of Job.

    com and today we'd be talking tips and tricks on how to get a summer job. Now we are go ahead and talking about how to get a summer job if you are currently employed.

    The first thing you should do for your summer job search, if you're currently employed is decide what type of job you are going to get. Is it some of that you are going work on weekends? Is this some of that you are going to work on nights? Are you are going to look for just part-time, full-time, how many hours are you looking for? So you really have to assess what you are going to be able to commit to a second job during the summer, and then look at the different types of fields that we'd want to work in.

    Is it something that you want this totally different from your full-time job or is it something that's kind associated with your full-time job or is it something where you take one of your hobbies and turn that into a part-time job? For example, let's say photography is your hobby. You may want to go try and get job as a part-time photographer at local newspaper perhaps.

    Best ways to find a summer job while employed is to trying and look in your area, look at the different types of companies in your area and look online and find out who is hiring and who is not. Secondly, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that you are not looking for your second job, while you're at your first job, employers typically don't like it if you are looking for a new job while you are on their time.

    So don't answer phone calls about a new job, don't send your resume on company email, don't schedule interviews on company time, do all of this on your own time. Full-time job is the most important job for you, don't jeopardize it by doing something stupid, just to get a second part-time job. There are some great ways to make yourself stand out to employers when you are going on your interviews. One since you're already in the workforce, you can certainly highlight all of your experience, stress all the positives of your background, all the same rules apply about showing up, you know, for the interview early and looking great. But here you have an advantage because you've been in the workforce that you can stress the fact that you are always on time, you've a proven track record of what you've done with your company and how hard worker you are.

    Also if you are going to use your current company's references because they do know about you're looking for a second job, you got a great references in that company for your second position, can call your current company and talk to somebody about a reference for you and how you work. So you've got a great advantage if looking for a second job, while you already currently have a job in the market place. So we've just given you some great tips and tricks on finding a summer job. We've just talk about different industries that we are hiring, different places for you to look, how you should look and what you should look at. So, I hope that by watching this video series, you get that right summer job that you are looking for.