Summer Makeup – Eyes that Sizzle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Aisha Alves discusses summer makeup and eyes that sizzle.

    Aisha Alves: Hi! I'm Aisha Alves with Picture Perfect Makeup. We're here with our model Jamie to talk about how to update your makeup for the summer season. Right now I'm going to show you how to make eyes that sizzle. During the summer time, it's really a fun time to play around with different colors because you're wearing brighter clothing, usually have a little bit of the tints, so you have that freedom to play with some different colors and textures. What I'm going to do is show you, how to do a very easy and fun summer eye using cream shadows. Cream shadows or liquid shadows are great to use during the summer because they're easy, you can apply them with your fingers and they also have a cooling sensation that feels nice and refreshing on the eyes. What I'm going to do is start with kind of a Champaign Pearl color, and we're going to apply this all over Jamie's eye. You can see that it's not really going to give you a lot of coverage but what it is going to give you, is kind of like an even wash of shimmer that just makes the eye look really bright and fresh.

    Now, if you're just running out the door, obviously you can just throw this on and that already looks great. But if you want to amp up the drama a little bit, then you can add a second color. A great part about summer like I said before is you can really experiment with different colors like Fun Aquos or Milenko Tones or basically anything goes. What I'm going to use for Jamie though is a rich copper color. She has a pretty natural makeup look, so we're going to stick with that for her.

    I'm going to use a liquid shadow and you can use this with the brush or your fingers or the applicator. So what I'm gong to do is -- close your eyes, I'm going to run this just along the bottom for her lash line and then with my finger blend up. When using liquid and cream shadows, you can keep the application kind of shear and not messy, but it doesn't have to be so exact as it would be when you're using traditional shadows.

    I'm just applying it close to the lash line and then blending it up. So you're not going to do like a crease or any kind of hard countering, just so you can see that color and this is a great color for you because it brings thats a turquoise color in her eyes, going to the other side. Another great thing about using this type of texture is a lot of them are waterproof, so while you're out in the sun and you're sweating or even if you're going to being contact with some water, it'll stay put.

    The next step is to define the eyes, what I'm going to do actually is instead of using an eyeliner, I'm actually going to skip to that and just use the mascara to define the eyes which is a great trick for summer again when you want a lighter look. A waterproof or water-resistant mascara is best because again you're going to be out in the humidity, you wants something that it'll stay put. And have you looked down towards your knee?

    When I apply mascara, I'll lift the lid a little bit, so that the brush can get to the base of the lash. This is really important because that's going to give your lashes a lift and a curl, and since we're not using eyeliner we want the mascara to do the job of defining. So it's really important that the roots of the lashes are covered.

    I'm using black just to give her a nice natural look, but again colored mascaras , this is the time to use them. And there are lot of really pretty blues and plums out there that are great, if you want to experiment with colored mascaras. If you've a spot where you little bit more volume, you can go and kind of zigzag to get more product like right here in the outer edge, I do that, and that's it, just three easy steps to eyes that sizzle. Next we're going to talk about melt-proof color.