Summer Makeup – Melt-Proof Color

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Aisha Alves discusses summer makeup and melt-proof color.

    Aisha Alves: Hi! I'm Aisha Alves with Picture Perfect Makeup and we're here today with our model Jamie to show you how to update your makeup for the summer. Right now let's talk about melt-proof color. During the hot summer months when we're out there, when it's humid and you're perspiring, you definitely don't want makeup that's going to fade or run. So we're going to concentrate on products that will stay on the skin and lasts all through the day.

    Our first step at this point is to use a gel bronzer. Gel bronzers are great because they give you that translucent glow that you were in the sun, but it doesn't look powdery or makeupy on the skin. I'm just going to use a tiny, tiny amount because they're usually very very concentrated. To apply gel bronzer you can use your fingers or a brush or a sponge, I'm going to use a sponge. Sponge is great because it absorbs the little bit of your product, so you can get a moist to your finish. I'm also going to use the little bit of water to dampen the sponge which will additionally assure down your product the little bit.

    So, when you're applying gel bronzer, you want to use the same basic technique that you would with your regular bronzer which is applying the color to that plains of your face where the sun would normally hit you. So that's usually going to be right here at the cheekbone, around the temple and up on the forehead. Now Jamie is naturally fair, so we definitely don't want to use any product that's going to look artificial or overly tan on her. It means to just give her the natural look that she was out in the sun a little bit.

    Now, this specific product has a little bit of shimmer in it which I like because it gives some additional glow to the skin. If you're turning, you can see how the light catches that glow and makes your skin look really nice and healthy, same thing on the other side. So that's how you do your gel bronzer, really simple, use a damp sponge or your fingers whatever is your preference, and then like I said apply it to the areas of the face where the sun would normally hit your skin and make sure it blends; that's it.

    Next we're going to use a lip and cheek stain. These are relatively new in the market and I love them because they are multi-taskers. Basically what you're going to do is get the stain, the product is kind of a liquid or a gel that has a lot of pigment in it, but not a lot of oils or waxes that are going to sit on your skin. It's basically just color and you can them anywhere on the skin, but I'm going to use them basically now on her cheeks and lips.

    We're going to click the color up, this one has a nice cherry scent too, so that's one, smile and I'm just going to apply a little bit on her cheeks. When you first apply it, it's going to look kind of strong like that but that's okay. Because then you're going to take your finger and buff it out and just remember, the more you blend, the more that product is going to melt into the skin and disappear.

    So once it's on, it really just looks like her skin, like she is not really blushing and that's a look we're going for. Can I do the same thing on the other side? Again, it looks strong in the beginning and then you buff it out and it'll just fade in. I like to concentrate on the apples of the cheeks and then move out, so the color diffuses out as you get further out in the face, it's easy. Finally, you can use the same product on your lips, again which is great because you don't want a lip gloss that's going to have your hair gets stuck to it, it just feels nice and smooth.

    So you are use the same product, click up your gel and apply it to the lips, go ahead and apply it. I apply it once, blot, so the color has some time to sink into the skin and then just do another application just to intensify the color. The great things about stains is that they're buildable, so as you can see, as I'm adding more and more color, that color on her lips, blot is getting richer and deeper. I think for her two coats of the pigment is just right because it's going to give her that very stand look. Finally, because we do want to have some kind of moisture and sun protection again on the lips, very important. I'm going to do a tinted lip balm on top of there with a little bit of sun protection. The color I'm using does have a little bit of shimmer in it, just to kind of intensify that color of the stain. Lip balms are great because you don't need a lip liner and a brush, you can just throw it on just like you would chopstick. So you can get that moisture and sun protection, blot; and that's it.

    As you can see it's really easy to update your makeup for summer. If you look at the before and after, you can see how these easy steps are great way to update your look for glowing summer skin, eyes that sizzle and melt-proof color. Thanks for watching.