Summer Makeup – Sun Protection and Summer Skin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Aisha Alves discusses sun protection and summer skin.

    Aisha Alves: Hi! I am Aisha Alves with Picture Perfect Makeup and we are here with our model Jamie to talk about how to update your makeup for summer. First let's talk about glowing summer skin. When preparing your skin for the summer, you need to adjust your skin care routine. The easiest way to do that is by switching your cleanser, number 1. I like to use a gel-based cleanser, that's really light, that doesn't have a lot of heavy Emolium, so it feels nice and squeaky clean on your skin after you rinse it off. After that, you're going to want to use a nice light weight moisturizer. There are lot of moisturizers out there that are light weight, but my favorite are once that have kind of a cream gel consistency, they are not heavy and greasy, but at the same time they give you enough moisture to keep you hydrated, both outside and when you're inside with all that air conditioning. So, very, very lightly, just apply it all over your skin. Jamie's got pretty normal skin. So we don't need to use a whole lot, just something to give her a light veil of hydration. Next, we're going to talk about coverage. In the summer time, you don't want to have a lot of heavy products on your skin. So I like to use something that's going to do a double duty. And that's going to be a tinted moisturizer. A tinted moisturizer is going to give you a really light weight coverage to even out any redness that you have, give you a little bit of a smooth finish and at the same time give you that SPF sun protection.

    During the summer when you are outdoors a lot, it's important to always have some kind of sun protection on your face. When applying tinted moisturizer, I think the easiest way to go is to go ahead and just use your fingers because you can control where you're applying and also the heat from your fingers helps melt the product into the skin a little bit better. So you start near the nose and cheek and blend out. Basically it's a same application that you would do when you're applying your regular foundation, except, even now you can see, it just melts into the skin very, very easily, you don't even have to really do a lot of blending. There are a lot of different tinted moisturizers on the market. I like to use one that is just really natural looking, that looks like skin, some of the ones that are on the market now, are really matte for people who are oily and who want a nice, clean finish and also there are some new ones that even contain some shimmer. So it gives your skin a really pretty, kind of luminosity. But I'm just going to use a traditional one right now. Turn your face this way. The great thing about tinted moisturizers, especially during the summer is that because they are sheer, they are a little bit more forgiving. So, if you pick up a little bit of extra color, you'll still match. That's how it looks with just tinted moisturizer. If you want to take an extra step and actually get a little bit more coverage in certain areas, for example, under the eye, if you have a little bit of redness, what I like to use during the summer is a mineral concealer which is different because instead of it being a cream or liquid that you would normally find in a concealer is actually made out of a powder.

    Again you can use a sponge or your fingers. Right now, I am going to use a brush, but at home, you can do it anyway you like. Just take a little bit of product on your brush, look up to the ceiling, and I'm just going to pat this, underneath her eyes, and you can see all it's going to do is neutralize a little bit of that darkness and redness that's in there, without looking her feeling heavy. I am going to do just a little bit more on the nose, lot of us have some redness in there, so, always a good idea to get in there and zap any of that. Now, you can leave it just as is, which is great, because she has a really nice dewy finish or you can take a translucent powder and just buff it on top of everything that's definitely up to you, it's totally your preference. So that's how you get glowing summer skin. Next, we're going to talk about eyes at sizzle.

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