Summer Salads – Bread Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Susan Watterson and Rob Carson demonstrate how to make bread salad.

    Rob Carson: Once again my name is Rob Carson with Radio Personality and I like to cook and today, I am letting Susan Watterson from CulinAerie do the cooking for us. We are in doing Summer Salad Madness. Now, this is a salad that I have never heard of before, it is a bread salad.

    Susan Watterson: Right, bread salad.

    , based on leftover bread. I mean if you have it and it has gone stale, what you are going to do with that? You can make breadcrumbs, but how many breadcrumbs can you use? So, the other thing to do with that is to make a salad and it starts with leftover bread. So, that's a leftover Italian bread. This is an Italian version called Panzanella. You just -- Rob Carson: See, a lot of times when I have leftover bread, it becomes dear food. I take it outside --Susan Watterson: Well, that's a good thing.

    Rob Carson: But, this is a great thing. Why waste that money? Make something really savory and good out of it. Susan Watterson: Well, it is a way, if you have picky eaters at home that don't like vegetables that much, it kind of hides them a little bit, it dresses them up, it gives them a new flavor so that it is not like just sitting eating stale.

    Rob Carson: Yes, that's what mom used Velveeta for, but we don't do that anymore.

    Susan Watterson: Right, so you just tear up the bread here, you tear up the bread.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Susan Watterson: We are going to dress this with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, done in the blender because you can't do this one by hand, it won't pure, sun-dried tomatoes, this probably was about a quarter of a cup. Rosemary, nice hardy, piny herb, olive oil, garlic and some red wine vinegar.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Susan Watterson: About two tablespoons. That's going to be our dressing.

    Rob Carson: We will experiment with that.

    Susan Watterson: Yeah, play around, see how you like it. Now, remember, this is why the measuring of vinaigrette is difficult because it depends what you are dressing, bread is bland, so I am going to need a stronger dressing for bread than I am going to need for mesclun which has some sharp lattices in it. So, the mesclun, balsamic, a little sweet to counteract that. Here I need flavor because the bread is not going to have a lot flavor of its own.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Susan Watterson: We are going to garnish it, in this anything goes. This is basically clean out the refrigerator, your little bits of left over, your pantry, you can come home from work and make this with whatever you have. Rob Carson: Okay, good.

    Susan Watterson: So, I have pitted black olives, roasted red pepper which you can do yourself or you can buy roasted red peppers. This is Buffalo Mozzarella which is kind of a treat. This is probably not something you necessarily have just lying around because you probably would have eaten it. Rob Carson: Yes.

    Susan Watterson: So, I got that on purpose for the salad because it is good. But, you could do Smoked Mozzarella, you could do Recado Salad or whatever you happen to have running around. Chickpeas, good source of fiber and I have got some Sopressata for little meatiness.

    Rob Carson: Now, Sopressata, for those who don't know, it is sausage. Tell us exactly what Sopressata is.

    Susan Watterson: It is a sausage, it is a dried sausage. It adds a meat elements that a lot of reason people don't like salads, is they are like I am not a rabbit and I need some meat. So this way you could add salami, you could add pepperoni, anything you have got.

    Rob Carson: Okay, very good.

    Susan Watterson: So, I will dress the salad and then just add as much of whatever you want into it. Chickpeas, you could add -- Cannellini Beans are good.

    Rob Carson: This is my kind of salad.

    Susan Watterson: Anything, and you can make it different, every time you make it, so you don't get bored. Rob Carson: Yeah.

    Susan Watterson: It is not like, oh that again. But it is always based on the bread.

    Rob Carson: So, you would replace this rather than a starch for the potatoes, you have got a little veggie and you have also got the -- this will be a great side.

    Susan Watterson: Yeah, it is more stuffing, pour it with the bowl of soup for lunch.

    Rob Carson: Absolutely.

    Susan Watterson: You could add capers if you want a little more strongly flavor, red chilly flakes are good to you.

    Rob Carson: Okay, love it.

    Susan Watterson: You want to make it and toss it about 15 minutes before you are ready to eat it because the bread has to soak up the vinaigrette.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Susan Watterson: A little -- shifting on a basil maybe to add some color would be nice.

    Rob Carson: For sure.

    Susan Watterson: So, we will just let that sit, then I will finish it with a little Parmesan on top.

    Rob Carson: Okay cool. So, it has been 15 minutes, our Bread Salad has been siting absorbing the dressing and all the flavors that you added. You have also added little bit of fresh basil.

    Susan Watterson: I did, it needed some color and some herbage just to make it taste fresher. Rob Carson: Let's plate it.

    Susan Watterson: Okay and as you can see the bread is getting nice and soft now. It is funny because when I grew up, I couldn't stand soggy food. My Dad was a kind of guy that would like mushed down his Raisin Bran to get it soggy which just gave me the willies.

    Rob Carson: Yeah.

    Susan Watterson: Which made me think that I wouldn't like this, but if the bread is stale when you start it maintain some of its chewiness. So it is not like just totally like soggy.

    Rob Carson: Okay cool.

    Susan Watterson: Maybe a little parm on top.

    Rob Carson: Little parm --Susan Watterson: Never hurts.

    Rob Carson: I love it.

    Susan Watterson: There we go.

    Rob Carson: There you go, Bread Salad.

    Susan Watterson: Bread Salad, Italian Bread Salad.

    Rob Carson: So, there is our Bread Salad coming up as we continue Summer Salad Madness Fatoosh.

    Susan Watterson: Same salad, different country.

    Rob Carson: Okay cool.