Sunset Harbor, Miami’s Up and Coming Neighborhood

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Ginger Harris discovers an up and coming neighborhood in Miami set to rival that of Lincoln Road.

    Ginger Harris: As Lincoln Road has become more of a chain location. This area just started to blossom and in the past year there has just been boutiques and restaurants and along with that we have got a lot of great fashion stores that have open up.

    Alina Villasante: I choose Sunset Harbor because I feel that it is the up and coming neighborhood. I think the Lincoln is becoming a little more touristy and Sunset Harbor is more home, it's more boutiqueish and it's just very intimate.

    Amy Steiner: I like to be outside. I think living in Florida like you choose Florida because of its outdoors and because the weather is beautiful so the more opportunities we have to be outdoors the better.

    I mean there is food, there is fitness, there is great people, there is community and I think that's what makes it different than any other part of Miami beach.

    Ginger Harris: So if you just kind of start your day here and work your way down you can get dressed have all of your workouts in and have all your meals there is a little bit of everything here.