Super Bowl Party Chicken Wings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray demonstrate how to make wings for your Superbowl Party.

    Greg Dumorne

       Gregory Began his culinary career at Ati Culinary school in 1997. He worked at Lansdowne Golf Resort Frequently catering to the Washington Redskins and the N.B.A. rookie public relations annual seminars for the likes of Tim Duncan. He later became a chef at the mark restaurant where he catered to Jessie Jackson & the first woman attorney General Janet Reno. By 2001 Gregory had became the restaurant chef in the Capital Hilton where he served the Alfalfa Club and former president George Bush his son,our current president George Bush JR. Also The Gridiron club with William Jefferson Clinton.The resume goes on and on the likes of Bill Cosby , Muhammed Ali, Danny Glover, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus. Now he's the owner of Real Deal Catering serving you everyday.

    Gregory Dumorne: How are you doing? I am Greg.

    Les Saurey: I am Les from Real Deal Catering.

    Gregory Dumorne: At this point we are going to show you how to do the real deal wings for your real deal superbowl party. Wings could be very, I am very technical about my wings. I actually get the fresh wings, but it is fine to use the frozen ones you get at the grocery store. I actually use the fresh wings and cut the ugly part off. I did not want to call Les, stay right there. Les Saurey: The funky fingers.

    Gregory Dumorne: Yeah, that one. I just cut that off and leave the wings together because of course we got to have little different wings when you are dealing with real deal catering. I marinated the wings with cayenne seasoning and Italian dressing and I did it last night. So, it is always best. I do not like cooking any chicken that comes fresh out of the store. I definitely like to marinate my chicken at least overnight. That is the secret which you can take to bed. So, as you can see this is the wing without the.


    . Les Saurey: Funky finger.

    Gregory Dumorne: There it is.



    Les Saurey: Funky finger.

    Gregory Dumorne: We are basically just going to fry it in regular peanut oil. Now, that our grease is hot enough, basically, it requires, it is already. It pretty much does that. Once it floats, it is done. That give you that with chicken and just about anything that you put in a deep fryer. Pretty much when it fries that means all of the stuff that raw thing is actually cooked in and it floats to the top. So, we are definitely going to use that today. That is why I am here. Now, that our wings are floating, roll over them in a paper towel. Those look good. Les Saurey: So, they are ready to eat now, right? Gregory Dumorne: No, actually I am going to let that, some of that grease to slip out. While we are doing that, I am going to start get our salt. You can always preheat them, quick and easy to go. That is rule number 26. While we are waiting on that, knife please, so I can, I am going to dice up some butter. You want the butter to be hard. Les: Saurey: So, fresh out of the fridge.

    Gregory Dumorne: Just take it, for that I apply just two pieces. You can use any kind of hot sauce, I like Crystal's. You can use any kind of hot sauce, any one of your favorite hot sauces.

    Les Saurey: My dad is going to use the best one.



    Gregory Dumorne: Couple of droplets of our hot sauce.

    Les Saurey: That is a couple? Gregory Dumorne: Yeah, that is a couple. We pretty much and that is how we coat the wings and until the butter melts. The butter actually eases the spiciness of the hot sauce. You could use vinegar if you do not have butter or if you do not like butter for whatever reason. For the health conscious people, one extra step we do here in Real Deal Catering is instead of that double dipping factor that we have, we actually take the blue cheese. Les Saurey: A little bit of blue cheese.

    Gregory Dumorne: I usually put some fresh blue cheese and also, continue. This is just a simple party you do not have a problem with double digital. We are going to plate up the real deal wings. We put in some fresh celery right in there. For those people who are going to insist they must dip their wings, do this on top of the wings for the sake of time. There you have the real deal wings for your super bowl party. Next, we are going to move into Shrimp Caesar Salad.