Super Bowl Party Ribs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray demonstrate how to cook ribs for your Super Bowl Party.

    Greg Dumorne

       Gregory Began his culinary career at Ati Culinary school in 1997. He worked at Lansdowne Golf Resort Frequently catering to the Washington Redskins and the N.B.A. rookie public relations annual seminars for the likes of Tim Duncan. He later became a chef at the mark restaurant where he catered to Jessie Jackson & the first woman attorney General Janet Reno. By 2001 Gregory had became the restaurant chef in the Capital Hilton where he served the Alfalfa Club and former president George Bush his son,our current president George Bush JR. Also The Gridiron club with William Jefferson Clinton.The resume goes on and on the likes of Bill Cosby , Muhammed Ali, Danny Glover, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus. Now he's the owner of Real Deal Catering serving you everyday.

    Gregory Dumorne: Hi, how are you doing, my name is Greg.

    Les Saurey: I am Les and we are from Real Deal Catering.

    Greg Dumorne: Today, we are going to actually teach you how to cook ribs for your Real Deal Super Bowl Party.

    Les Saurey: Alright, so let's get started with the ribs.

    Greg Dumorne: Well, first of all today, we are actually using spare ribs and this is pork that we use. This recipe is going to be all you need something you can use in pork because there is lot of sweetness, there is actually brown sugar, there is cinnamon, there is chilly and mustard and it is not going to really work on beef. So, we are going to try with - basically, what this is, is a driver and this is good as you going to get out of the oven. I mean I am not ever going to try to tell that it is not greater to put it on the grill. Of course, it is better to put it on the grill. But again, some of you guys urge that oh, man, we are not going outside to the super bowl. So, with this we is just sprinkle this on top.

    Les Saurey: So what's in that, that you are sprinkling right there?

    Gregory Dumorne: Well this rub, this particular rub right here I have, little bit of brown sugar, little bit of chilly powder, little bit of salt, little bit of pepper all mixed in here and I am basically, just going to rub it on this. It is called the driver. I am basically just going to rub it on top of the ribs like so. Now, I always put a little bit of mustard, a little bit of mustard always goes a long way. Les Saurey: Well, it doesn't matter what actually.


    . Gregory Dumorne: Dijon mustard.

    Les Saurey: It does not matter what kind of mustard you actually use? Gregory Dumorne: Not really. But the mustard gives it a nice, little spicy motive. You just rub it all along, that's how you get that flavor on you. Then from here, it is actually ready to go into the oven. We have already preheated our oven at 350. You did do that right? Les Saurey: Yeah. Gregory Dumorne: Okay, so our oven has been preheated at 350 and it is actually ready to go. What we are going to do, we are going to put this in the oven for about an hour and a half and then I will explain to you what we do we after we pull it back out of the oven. So, that will roast back to say for about an hour. Les Saurey: So, we can cut them?

    Gregory Dumorne: You actually, no. We actually pull that out in the mid process so we could put the sauce on it. I actually put a little secret recipe and that is caramel. That is something I am sure momma did not do. Les Saurey: So, then actually, we are not done yet?

    Gregory Dumorne; No, we are actually not done yet, but we are sprinkling it with our salsa and caramel on it to give it that sweet kick. So, we are almost there, we are there. Les Saurey: Oh, it looks good already.

    Gregory Dumorne: we are going to put it back in the oven for about 30 minutes. The one secret about ribs that everybody doesn't even know, but I am sure a lot of you do but, secret to ribs is actually overcooking. That's the only foods in the world that you are actually overcook it and it comes out better, deep risky. Ribs is one of the, also overcooked especially when we you are dealing with pork. Now, we have cooked the ribs more than half. I am actually going to show you how to present and plate for your wonderful super bowl, real deal super bowl party. So, first you grab a tongs, I am going to tell about each tool when we use it. We put that on the cooked cutting board. The pork rib is actually better to cut the top part off, to make it a lot easier when you cut it, so that's good flavored. Pretty much when I would have it is the time when I am telling you but if you feel that when you are cutting into ribs they are a little tough that is no problem. Again, I told you overcooking ribs is good. So, you throw them in there for a little while and give it some consistent you want. With ribs, you also want to cut them at an angle in front of the bone, so and that's not the angle. So, I actually do it better this way. That is good, that looks really good. Your people would really like the ones we have coming for over for this super bowl party are the ones that are already here. You don't want cut them into twos but you can. Now, from this point basically, now, this is tough part. There are people that would not like this so, cut it up. I am going to use a little bit of garnish. You sue whatever kind of herbs you sue. I am actually using dill today. Again, everything I used, I say you can get at your local grocery store. There you go, real deal ribs for your real deal super bowl party. Les Saurey: Those look really good. I am ready to eat, but where are we going to next? Gregory Dumorne: Next, we are going to actually going to the real deal wings.

    Les Saurey: Oh, my favorite wings.

    Gregory Dumorne: Let us go.