Super Bowl Party Shrimp Caesar Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray demonstrate how to make Shrimp Caesar Salad for your superbowl party.

    Greg Dumorne

       Gregory Began his culinary career at Ati Culinary school in 1997. He worked at Lansdowne Golf Resort Frequently catering to the Washington Redskins and the N.B.A. rookie public relations annual seminars for the likes of Tim Duncan. He later became a chef at the mark restaurant where he catered to Jessie Jackson & the first woman attorney General Janet Reno. By 2001 Gregory had became the restaurant chef in the Capital Hilton where he served the Alfalfa Club and former president George Bush his son,our current president George Bush JR. Also The Gridiron club with William Jefferson Clinton.The resume goes on and on the likes of Bill Cosby , Muhammed Ali, Danny Glover, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus. Now he's the owner of Real Deal Catering serving you everyday.

    Gregory Dumorne: How are you doing? I am Greg.

    Les Saurey: I am Les from Real Deal Catering.

    Gregory Dumorne: In this section here, we are actually going to cook Shrimp Caesar Salad so you can also make your friends at the superbowl party feel like you are just a great guy. In this segment also I am going to have the big old pals working with them will actually work because he has just been giving no money right now.

    Le Saurey: But I am eating well.

    Gregory Dumorne: So, what we are going to do before -- first and foremost, we are going to have to clean the shrimp and here is your shrimp. You can buy 21-26 as these right here actually, 21-26. I like to use the bigger shrimp usually maybe a U12 or U10 whatever, it is up to you. Les Saurey: This is the U10.

    Gregory Dumorne: Well, actually the numbers are how many shrimp you get per pound and I showed you how to do that better than that. Take this take the shell off, you want to leave the tail on. Just cut the back to devein it. Les Saurey: I actually do remember this.

    Gregory Dumorne: I guess, you could do about five of them. Go right on the vein. Take your knife and take it right on. Now, when I have 12, I have to tell you that if this guy can do it, anybody can do it. Les Saurey: I really thank you. It makes me feel because he does not like that but, it is another story. Gregory Dumorne: While he is doing that, turn on the grill and get it nice and hot. What we are going to do at this point, spray a little spray - see how hot that is, spray some Palm on your pan. Les Saurey: Palm on your pan.

    Gregory Dumorne: Right here, this is actually Maryland crab seasoning, I don't do all that, I think it is too salty, but it dissolves into that and that is fine too. Now, I am just going to turn the shrimp. You can use a pan if you don't have one of these gadgets-gadgets. Les Saurey: What do they call? Gregory Dumorne: It is actually just a thick flat top. A real restaurant will have actually a real flat top. You just use it for searing things. While that is cooking, you may use some cheddar bread. The cheddar bread is nothing but a French bread. You sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top of it, throw it in oven, let it melt and it comes out quickly, cheddar bread. Shrimp is pretty easy to cook. It cooks pretty quickly of course, once it turns red that meat is done which is pretty much the same thing for crabs. I am sure everybody in the Maryland D.

    C. area knows how to cook crabs. I am just going to heat the cheddar bread a little bit.

    Les Saurey: Why do you use long Maine instead of just.



    Gregory Dumorne: For the Caesar Salad.

    Les Saurey: Is that what you are supposed to do for the Caesar salad?

    Gregory Dumorne: That is correct. I am just laying them on their backs a little bit. Make sure they get cooked all the way through -- I am not cooperating.

    Les Saurey: Now, is that done?

    Gregory Dumorne: At this point, you take the cheddar bread and we put the lettuce. Then we put the shrimp, it cooperates, Parmesan cheese and that looks good, Caesar dressing and there you have the shrimp caesar salad, the real deal super bowl way. Next, we are going to move into beef Fajitas and then we are going to finish off with the vegetarian dish.